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Why is cape horn so dangerous?

Asked by bengarrett (4points) August 22nd, 2008

Many yachts have capsized near Cape Horn. Why?

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Strong currents I presume.

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Google or read the Patrick O’Brian series on the British Navy. Two oceans come together.

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Read the Patrick O’Brians in any case – they’re rivetting! Or riveting.

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I agree with Magnus.I don t know the exact name of that current among Africa and A ntarctic continents…

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When the winds blowing from the pacific ocean come into contact with south America the Andes Mountain range acts as a funnel and squeezes all of the air into the tiny passage between the southern tip of South America and Antarctica. The hard winds drive up monstrous waves. On average 200 of the 365 days per year have 50 ft or higher waves. That combined with the rocky shores of the tip of South America make navigated very hard.

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