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What’s the reason life throws people curve balls?

Asked by Anonymousgirl88 (143points) January 4th, 2019 from iPhone

So my friend gave her user boyfriend $50. But the next day, she noticed the $50 back in her account. Her boyfriend doesn’t know her passwords or anything either. I belive in God and I think God did that, because there’s no way that’s possible. She knows how much she had in her account too. But what would be God’s reason for giving her back what she needs, she said she doesn’t deserve it, because she is doing all the wrong things- letting him take from her, sleeping with him when she knows pregnancy is always a risk for anyone, hanging around him even though me and my friends think he’s sketchy.

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Seriously, no offense to your personal belief but the bank will have all transaction record that happen at any given time pertaining to her decision to utilize the money in her account. My guess is that the money is bounced back due to some reason.

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Nature does not want everyone to hit a home run.

Nature expects wins, losses, and degrees of excellence.
And some get benched without knowing the penalty.

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Chances are, rather than the money mysteriously being put back in her account, the transaction simply hadn’t been counted against her account yet. It can sometimes take days for your bank to accurately reflect activity on your account. That’s why it’s important to carefully keep track of your own bank activity and trust in what you know rather than what your bank reflects at the moment.

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I’m pretty sure someone made a mistake. Either your friend didn’t deduct the money, or didn’t enter it correctly in her checkbook, or the dude never cashed the check (or he deposited it back into her account, he doesn’t need to know her PIN number for that, but we’re all pretty sure he didn’t do that, right?) Or the bank made a clerical error, or the transaction hasn’t yet cleared.

You said you believe in God, right? What do you think is God’s motivation? Which “God”: do you think put the money back and why?

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Life is random, there is no reason. It doesn’t mean there can’t be silver linings and moments of growth from adversity, but it’s nit some master plan with hidden meanings.

My guess is there is a perfectly logical reason for the $50 still in the account. If she is having unprotected sex with him she is taking a bad risk, and God won’t need to punish, she is going to wind up punishing herself.

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Where is the ‘curve ball’ in this?
What does “user boyfriend” mean?

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To assume there is some “reason” would presume there was something or someone in control, which there isn’t. Simply put, and realistically at that; shit happens.

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People think life throws curveballs, but it is more like people not being aware of what is straight, what is curved, and remembering the Coriolis Effect.

God is, after all, the master physicist.

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I believe in God but banking is not subject to miracles in that way. She can check online banking to see what happened.

God never promised no pain if you are saved, so imo curve balls can be a test of faith, randomness or circumstances.

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I’d be worried if God put $50 in her bank account. That would put the integrity of the entire banking system in jeopardy
All she needs to do is check her statement or go online and click on the transaction info. She will find out the true source.

Besides… Only $50? That’s a Grandma gift. Someone with that kind of power needs to step it up with a bunch more zeros to be taken seriously.

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Talk sense. Life doesn’t throw anything; life is a process, not an entity. Bank errors and account holder errors are not acts of any god. Making up such stories to explain things that happen (or seem to happen) isn’t religion. Or maybe it is, but it sounds more like magic.

@rebbel, I’m guessing that “user boyfriend” means her boyfriend is a user—a drug user, an addict.

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The other problem is the fact that your friend is consciously making bad decisions, or rather making bad decisions, because she doesn’t want to face up to the truth and actively make good decisions.

When people hang out with sketchy druggies, and have unprotected sex (can we assume she is not using adequate birth control protection, or utilizing safe sex techniques to avoid getting sexually transmitted diseases?) she’s probably not in a calm state of mind. She’s probably anxious and not thinking clearly. This isn’t about God, it’s about people letting themselves get caught up in situations that are detrimental to their mental health, their financial stability, and their physical health.

Your friend has the ability to make changes to all of these situations, but right now, she isn’t doing anything to change the situations, right? Bringing “God” into the situation is a convenient way to take the responsibility off of the people who are making unwise choices.

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@Jeruba Ah, I see.
Makes sense now.
Thank you.

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Reason? There is none. Every few months I sink to asking myself “Why me?” The answer is always the same, “Why not.” And then I move on…

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If life was too easy people wouldn’t try. Like a game where you start at the highest level and infinate gold. It gets boring fast.

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What consequences could possibly come out of that?

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@Anonymousgirl88 If life was too eazy. People would be corrupted and would be desperate for accomplishment. Might lead to crime or suicide/depression.

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@Anonymousgirl88 What consequences could come out of what?

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