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What substances are banned in many countries, but not even controlled in the USA?

Asked by flo (12078points) January 5th, 2019

For example:
Potassium bromate
“Potassium bromate has been banned from use in food products in the European Union, Argentina, Brazil,[6] Canada, Nigeria, South Korea, Peru and some other countries. It was banned in Sri Lanka in 2001,[7] China in 2005,[citation needed] and India on 20 June 2016.[8]”


It doesn’t have to be substances by the way.

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Nazi Iconography.

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Asbestos. Round up.

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Ok. How about flame retardant chemicals…. (CHCC), including TCEP, TDCPP, HBCD, TBBPA and decaBDE, from use in residential furniture and children’s products, ...

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Marijuana, porn, alcoholic drinks, and depiction of gun, kisses, cigarettes, as well as women’s cleavage in public media.

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