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In the Wizard of Oz, why does Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, arrive in a floating circle?

Asked by elbanditoroso (25725points) January 5th, 2019

And why does the bad witch (of the West) arrive in a puff of red smoke?

Why the difference in wiccan transport mechanisms?

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Glinda is floating in a bubble.
Red smoke, like blood, is threatening.
Yin and Yang, light and dark, generous and greedy, angelic and wicked.

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Ever notice that the yellow brick road starts in a golden spiral?

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It is just a concept dreamed up by the special effects crew.
The availability of color film had a lot to do with it. They focused heavily on the transition scene, devising ways color could add depth, texture, and a sense of magic to the big screen.

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Glinda encouraged theft of property, sent a confused, out-of-place young girl on a dangerous journey through a land she didn’t know, and manipulated that girl into murdering her rival. “Good” witch my ass.

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Red is a color signifying danger and conflict, emotional responses that are associated with the bad witch. The good witch floats in on a symbol of purity and light and clean dishes.

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