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Are we ready to conquer the world?

Asked by canidmajor (14144points) 1 month ago

Apparently, we’re getting ready to take it over, we Jellies!

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I’m offended.
slimy villains

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@rebbel and spineless!

We are the champions of the world…...

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Some days, with the way my back aches, “spineless” sounds pretty good. ;-)

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We have always been special!

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We’ve been here for half a billion years? It doesn’t seem that long.

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^^Only some years do!

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In 2012 (two years after the Gulf of Mexico oil debacle) I was in Pensacola. I saw no crustaceans or traditional ocean life—even the seashells were strangely absent. But the jellyfish were so numerous the ocean was like jellyfish soup. There were still herons, however.

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Shutting down nuclear power plants? Sounds like jellies are nature’s fail safe mode.

If the stupid humans fuck it up, hit the red button to unleash the jellies!

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Rulers of the toilet bowl doesn’t sound like much…

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I’m calling the Galapagos!

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I do like warm waters. Those scientists are so smart.

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For me it depends on why the water is warm.

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They think we haven’t already, how cute.

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