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What is an electrophysiology test?

Asked by ItalianPrincess1217 (11657points) January 6th, 2019

Have you had one? Are you put under? Do you need someone to drive you home after the test? My husband is scheduled for one Tuesday and he was given no information about what to expect. He just thought it was a stress test of sorts. Someone in the family mentioned it was much more than that and now we’re wondering what to prepare for.

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Never had it done.

But here is University of California San Francisco procedure.

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It is like the angiogram I had last year. Usually they’ll keep the patient around for a few hours after the procedure to make sure the catheter entry point heals and doesn’t bleed. And, they will most likely require someone to pick up the patient to drive them home.

Be aware that if they find a blockage, they might insert a stent, which would mean an overnight stay. That’s what happened to me.

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@zenvelo is partially correct, although it does not involve a blockage and a stent. EPS studies are done for pepole with electrical disturbances of the heart such as atrial fibrillation. What it does is fine ths source of the disturbance and destroy that little area to help cure the electrical disturbance.

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The best thing to do is to call the hospital for the exact information you need.
My husband had what Caravanfan is talking about. Which is called a
Cardiac Ablation This is not part of the test your husband is having. It is a procedure that may be done separately.

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