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Is this a normal feature of a mini-van?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (14196points) January 6th, 2019

I was told to clap three times and say please close three times, for the side door to open and close. Is this legit or was I being teased?

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Never heard of a vehicle having clapper technology.

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I feel pretty confident that this was a prank and someone was pressing a button to manipulate the door.

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Look at the owners manual. If it’s not your car, it was prank. The doors can be operated by the electronic key from a remote location. We can use ours from inside the house.

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Clap three times, maybe. Say “please?” No way!

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You have to say “please close” three times for the door to open? Even in magicland you would say “open”.

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I know that the technology has gotten to the place where you can wave your foot under a certain area & the rear door opens. I hadn’t heard of the side doors opening with clapping, so I went off to make sure Everything I found said the side doors open with the fob or there are special buttons inside the vehicle. I think whoever was just messing with you about the clapping & they had planned on hitting the button on the fob when you clapped & then they were going to get their jollies thinking of you standing next to your new van clapping & waiting for the door to open. People can be sucj JERKS!!!

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