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Ack, I hate my haircut! (but it's complicated, read the details) What do I do?

Asked by La_chica_gomela (12574points) August 22nd, 2008

I’ve been to this girl twice. The first time she cut it pretty well (although I change it a little when I got home). It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t like it enough to go back to her.

I got a recommendation from a friend for another stylist at the same salon. My plan was to wait until they forgot I had ever been to that salon, and then call and ask for Deanna, but she was on maternity leave, and all her clients were being sent to (!!!) you guessed it, stylist #1. i went back, brought some pictures, but then let her talk me into this other cut from a magazine, I thought it looked cute when I left, and told her so, but now that I’m at home styling it myself, it’s impossible! it sticks out in all the wrong places, and is just not what I want at all. It’s shorter in the front, and I could have sworn I asked her to make it shorter in the back, and the volume is in the wrong places. It’s taking me forever to style. I put gel in my hair (something I almost never do), and it still wouldn’t be symmetrical.

Also, I’m pretty broke, and getting my hair cut at a nice salon is one of my few splurges. I really don’t want to spend the money to go to someone different and get it cut a second time right now when I just spent $60, but I don’t want to go through the annoyance of explaining to her, seeing her, the fear that I still won’t like it, and then I won’t have any hair left for anyone else to work with (it’s already pretty short).

Meh, I hate both of my choices. What do you think I should do? What would you do? Please help!

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Been there, done that. Your four choices, all unsatisfactory, are:

#1) Grin and bear it.

#2) Grow out and find another salon

#3) Shave head.

#4) Get wig.

WHY do we let hairstylists intimidate and bully us?

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garrr, good question, gail! i mean, sure it looked cute on the model, how could it not look cute on me?

she said ‘texture’ but all what i’m looking at i would call ‘layers’. i said “no layers” my hair hates layers, it just poofs out at the ends. which is what it’s doing how. how is this not ‘layers’?

while writing the question, i kind of realized i need to suck it up, spend the money, and get a new haircut from someone new.

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#5) Get it re-cut.

Yes, it’ll be shorter, but if you like it better than this, isn’t it worth it?

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allie, i’m definitely not living with it like this.
my question was: do i go back to the same girl that cut it before, or a different salon where it could just be the same drill again, except that i’ve laid out another $60 bucks

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Maybe I’m missing something here, but you said you thought it looked cute when you left the salon…why can’t you call the stylist back and ask her to help you style it again? Maybe her (assuming it’s a woman) hair products are different from what you’re using at home…I would think that since she picked out the style for you, she should be able to help you learn how to style it-even if it means a little tutorial visit. If she doesn’t offer that up then you could explain the situation to her manager, especially if you plan on not going back to her…no stylist likes to hear complaints about their skills, but your dissatisfaction would probably set her straight. What do you have to lose by calling her back?

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Oh! Well, if she’s messed up twice then I’d go to someone else.

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The salon should bear some responsibility here, too. Since money is an issue, why not call the salon and ask for an appointment for a free re-cut, but not from the same stylist. Ask the owner to do it. A smart business owner would want to keep you coming to the salon, as well as have the chance to gain a new client. They usually charge much more.
What this boils down to is it should be fixed by the salon, but not the same stylist.

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Great salon doesn’t equal great stylists. With the exception of the haircuts I get from my roommate (who works in an expensive salon, coincidentally), my best haircut was from a walk-in place in the mall.

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And mine from my best (male) friend up the road, until I discovered someone who knows how to cut thick, wavy and curly hair w. cowlicks. She practically cut each hair individually. She is also willing to cut it dry in order to see the waves and curls and whorls. I wash and condition it and then come to salon.

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In the meantime, a possible fix for a case of the “poofs” is Super Skinny Serum, or something like it…a leave in serum with silicone as the main ingredient will seal the cuticules of the hair, and make it lay smoother.

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Call the salon, seriously, if you are that unsatisfied, then you need to talk to someone. Not all cuts work on everyone and it just might have been a bad cut for you. When you talk to someone, ask if you can `come in and show them the problem with the style, also, request a the owner or someone higher up than that stylist. Request that you are scheduled to speak to someone when that stylist is not in the salon.

No salon wants bad PR and for a salon, word of mouth is far better than any print ad. Make sure you do this soon – tomorrow, call! The longer you wait, the less likely they are to work with you.

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