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How can a foreign national apply for work in the publishing industry in the US/UK?

Asked by JohannP (5points) January 7th, 2019

I’m a recently graduated South African citizen hoping to find work in the US or the UK, specifically in the publishing industry. I’ve applied for a couple of vacancies found on job listing websites, but often there seems to be requirements for the applicant to be a US/UK citizen, respectively. I’m wondering if anyone knows which portals I could go through to seek entry-level employment? Thus far I haven’t found any agencies that deal with publishing jobs.

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I’d inquire with the US/UK people, letting them know you have fluent English skills, and ask them if you’re close enough.

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Try looking for publishing trade magazines or newsletters or online postings of jobs. Apply for any that interest you. I think you will have a greater chance of getting a work visa if you have a bona fide job offer in hand. From South Africa, it is more likely that you could get a permit in the UK than the US at this point, I believe.

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I agree with @janbb. I think publishing magazines are a good start.
Even if you find no job openings listed, you will find many listings with addresses and phone numbers to contact, along with names of chief editors.
I wish you great results in your search, and when you find a suitable fit, I hope you will continue to visit fluther.
There are several writers here, some of whom may want you to consider our work one day!

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