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Care to postulate as to why Trump is really so adamant about the wall?

Asked by tinyfaery (41686points) January 7th, 2019

I know it has nothing to do with security. There is no evidence that terrorists come to the country in droves across the southern border. It’s been approx. 17 years since 9/11 and we haven’t had a terrorist attack that wasn’t executed by homegrown fanatics. We must be doing something right.

I know it’s not illegal immigration. Most illegal immigrants come here on visas and never leave. More enter by plane than by foot. And why not a northern border? Canada let’s in all kinds of immigrants from “shit hole” counties and a lot of Muslims. Reason would indicate Canada is a bigger threat than those who cross the southern border.

I think Trump has money to be made and that is his primary motivation.

What do you think?

This question is in general and I will flag any response that doesn’t answer the question.

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It’s trump being who he really is. A reality TV host most concern about ratings.

He actually thinks this is him projecting strength when the truth is this exposes how weak he is morally, intellectually and how so fake his supposed leadership skills are.

He thinks the “wall” would be his Washington Monument.

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I have long opined that he has probably got a company in mind to build it, and that he will receive payment for the contract.
Much like Cheney profited from the Iraq war. He made a LOT of money from playing GW…

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I think the border patrol and coast guard have a totally different perspective on this than you do. The border patrol is actually AT the border.

There are actual statistics on how many terrorists are caught and arrested, how many repeat deportees have been apprehended.

The radical left, which now makes up the majority of congress, is determined that there be no wall, even though several adamently against it were for it at one time (2009, 2013) mainly because they want Trump to fail at this. The greater question is why do they insist that they have no wall.

I would agree that 98% of illegals only want a better life. But we have seen actual footage of clashes at the border.

Maybe you should be more open to what the border patrol is saying, or what the actual statistics are for criminals and terrorists at the border. You and your sources do not know what the border patrol does, because the border patrol is there and you are not,

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^^Hiding behind what the actual border patrol agents need is a desperate way of justifying the stupidity of trump’s version of the wall. trump’s “wall”
which helped propel him to the WH is a clear symbol of his deplorable demonization of undocumenteds. His “wall”’is not exactly the wall the agents need.

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I don’t think trump is getting a kickback from the company that is awarded the contract for the wall. I think he has already set up a shell company so he gets ALL the income from the wall!!! He doesn’t give a rat’s butt if the wall is ever built other than the fact that it will make him look bad if he doesn’t produce the wall & he’s using it as a total DISTRACTION for the things he is already doing!!!

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Maybe because he wants a government shutdown. He gets pleasure from all of the attention and power from being an asshole.

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I think he’s doing it because the voters who elected him want it, he promised it, so he’s trying to get it done.

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Then let Mexico pay for the stupid wall because that’s what he promised.

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Until you hear the actual statistics, you will never know. Trump needs to address the nation on this, I don’t understand why no one cares to listen to what the situation there actually entails, or the actual statistics. People seem comfortable with partial quotes, selected half-sentences, and ignorance, so that they may continue to think within the same narrow shackles.

Get full quotes and explanations in context. Be open to actual data. If your sources appeal to your emotions and induce feelings of hate for those you disagree with, and do not give facts from those involved in the story you’re following, maybe you should find new sources

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@Yellowdog: “The radical left, which now makes up the majority of congress”


@Yellowdog: “I would agree that 98% of illegals

I’m curious what kind of response you get when you throw that word around in public. Is it any different than when you use the n word?

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I think he will make money or friends will with building the wall. I think the wall will say TRUMP every ¼ mile. I once saw an interview with him where he said he loves building buildings and having his name on it.

I think he does want to slow immigration coming across our southern border, and I don’t think it’s all a racism thing, but I do think there are some Trump supporters who are racist or at minimum ignorant. Trump plays to them, that’s how he keeps power and gets elected again.

There are examples around the world where a barrier did slow immigration, but it’s true it’s only a fraction of the immigrants that come into our country.

I don’t necessarily disagree that a wall might be a symbol that the US is no longer open in the same way it was, and people might set their sights on other countries.

Last Friday I led a discussion on birthright citizenship, and one subtopic I discussed was assimilation. I said that America has been great at assimilation, and gave examples. At another point I answered an immigration question someone asked and talked about my experience with my Mexican husband (the question wasn’t about assimilation). Damned if someone in the audience didn’t make a comment about how the immigrants today are different than immigrants 100 years ago, and these new immigrant won’t assimilate. She is a Trump supporter, she loves him. I know her pretty well, and I think it’s ignorance and practically brainwashing.

As an aside, my MIL became a citizen during Trump, and the husband of my friend’s son (so, her SIL) is in the process of getting his green card attached to the marriage, and neither have had any problem.

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He’s adamant about it because he promised it during his campaign. He didn’t really think he was going to win so he didn’t think he was going to have to deliver on his promises. Nothing matters more to him than keeping his campaign promises because that means he’s a “winner”. I honestly don’t think it’s much more than that.

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@mazingerz88 Trump specifically says that the NAFTA (new trade between US, Canada & Mexico) will be profitable and that money basically will pay for the wall.

Now, imo, he wins either way with his voters. He is fighting to keep the promise and even if he loses, they know he tried, and he’ll just blame the Dems leading to 2020. There’s really no drawbacks.

Check out this story on CNN:

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@Yellowdog That radical left thing woke me up as well. If you actually believe the current Democratic Congress the embodiment of leftist, let alone radical politics, you are sorely out of touch with actual reality.

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He was willing to let it go untill Ann Coulter called him weak and gutless.

The President cannot abide being called weak by a woman. Ever since then, he dug in his heels.

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There’s no mystery regarding Trump’s fixation with his wall. We’re talking about a man with the vision and imagination of a cinder block. He’s incapable of anything resembling analysis with the goal of predicting the likely consequences of ANY of his decisions.

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Because he is a toddler that wants to get his way, come hell or high water.

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Blackmail. I think that Limbaugh and Hannity and some of the right wing talk show hosts have threatened him – either they have some nasty secret news that they are withholding because it’s impeachable criminal activity, or they are threatening to start criticizing him which which would kill his ego.

Either way, they are holding Trump hostage (i.e. blackmailing him) to do their policy bidding in exchange for keeping quiet.

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It’s an outstanding distraction from the rest of the stuff, like deregulating our food and water protections, screwing with our Medicare and Social Security, stuff like that.

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@canidmajor That too. GA.

@KNOWITALL That makes a lot of sense too.

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@mazingerz88 @JLeslie It’s all formulaic as political strategy, I can almost guess his moves and reasoning. Maybe I’ve studied politicians and how they win too much…lol

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Trump’s wall reasons:

* It’s a rallying political point for those with low-critical-thinking-skills who are also xenophobes and/or racists and/or people who think they have issues with Latin Americans in the USA and/or who just listen to others with such agendas and don’t think about all the ways the wall doesn’t make any sense (disastrous environmental impacts, won’t work, will cost ridiculous amounts, embarrasses the USA in the eyes of intelligent people all around the world).

* It’s a pork barrel project for Trump and/or his allies and string-pullers who will cash in on the contracts to build it.

* Like so much of what Trump does, it’s part of the distraction cloud and suppressing barrage of terrible actions that keep all his opponents scrambling to react to all his nonsense, instead of focusing on getting him out of office and into prison.

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Because he has to look like he’s doing something, and talking about a wall that will keep out “brown people” is like a dog whistle to his white supremacist leaning cronies, and followers.

Most experts in the field, related to Border Security have said that there are other methods, instead of a wall, that are more effective. Trump is too arrogant and willfully ignorant to realize that.

He likes waving his banner of Us Against Them. Unfortunately, those of us that live here in the U.S. are part of the Them he is against. He loves stirring the pot of hatred and fear. He thrives on it.

And yes, he probably has some sort of a deal with some company that will make Trump money to build a wall.

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The wall is a crazy idea Trump thought up when on the campaign trail. Now he is president he doesn’t seem to have grasped the fact that he is leader of a country where a majority don’t want the wall. All he is focused on are his hard core supporters and he doesn’t want to appear weak or ineffective in their eyes.

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It’s a monument to himself, I find the fact that it’s a wall to be fitting.

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I like the word postulate…just saying (don’t flag, real answer incoming) ;-}

Yeah, I reckon he’s just a giant cock who can’t bear to face defeat or back down.
A glaring weakness he clearly sees as a major strength.

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Fulfilling a campaign promise vs. failure.

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You guys have covered it all. There is his ego involved here, as well as money somewhere, somehow. That’s about as far as he can see. He doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets his way.

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@flutherother I question that statement. I don’t believe that it’s just hard core supporters that want the wall.

(Hopefully NPR is acceptable to both parties.)

“To that point, the poll found that while 53 percent of Americans support President Trump broadly on his handling of protection of U.S. borders, they disagree with him when diving further into the details of immigration policy.”

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NPR is perfect.

I think what they meant to say by agreeing “broadly,” is that everyone agrees there should be a boarder.

From your source ”....more than two-thirds (69 percent) do not believe building a wall should even be an immediate priority for Congress. That includes half who do not believe it should be a priority at all.

Look at the other figures presented by that chart. It’s a pretty good case for @flutherother‘s argument.

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At this point it’s as much about his ego as anything.

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@Dutchess This one was surprisingly difficult to find and I wasnt thrilled with sourcing it. I was looking for stats from larger bipartisan groups.

I hate using assumptions instead of hard data. Not that it really matters at this point, since its already a ‘fight’. Should be interesting to hear what Trump says tonight.

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“Should be interesting to hear what Trump says tonight.”

Nah. As usually he’ll pull a bunch of crap out of thin air, then when called on it his administration will fall back on their usual “there are no truths, only points of view” stance.

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@Darth Hmm, I find it all very interesting, like Kavanaughs hearings. Those ARE our monkeys and it IS our zoo. Just when you think its too ignorant, someone creates a sideshow for attention.

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Good lord, the changing of subjects and whataboutism gets goddamn tiresome.

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@KNOWITALL NPR is at the top of the scale on trust worthiness, up there with Reuters and BBC.There WERE hard facts in the link you posted. Saying, ”...agree broadly…” was just a small summary of the facts.

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@Dutchess_III You never know on fluther. haha

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Ya know, when you think about it, what Trump has done is kidnap and hold 800,000.00 federal employees hostage and threaten the rest of us in order to get something that he wants that Congress will not authorize.

Kidnapping, hostage taking and threats are activities we normally associate with terrorism so, technically, Trump (and McConnell) are terrorists and We, The US, do not negotiate with terrorists. Pelosi should refuse any more meetings and instead call in one of the Seal Teams to take out this nest of terrorists.

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It’s a matter of pride. He hates losing esp. to women, since several prominent women have opposed it.

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@rojo You firgot trumps favorite buzz word…illegal!!!

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I saw a video of a steel wall, like Trump wants. A guy cut through three sections with a simple hack saw. A night of rigorous sawing would have you through pretty easily. Because it already has 9 inch gaps, you would really just need to cut through one piece.

Add small hack saw, and maybe a spare blade or two, to your gear, and the wall would merely slow down immigrants.

I also find it interesting that Trump used National Defense, as an excuse to add tariffs to Canada, yet sees no need for a wall there. But he will invoke the same National Defense excuse to possibly make the army build a wall on the southern border…

If both countries pose a threat to national security, why would only the brown people border need a wall? Racist much?...

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@MrGrimm888 He is playing to the fears of “right” followers that want to MAGA. ( variation of KKK slogan 80 years ago ) “Dog whistle” for only the “Right ! ! ” to hear.
“National Defense” meant it will impact all his stocks in steel and coal and dropping EPA requirements for clean air, water . . . . because they need to build the wall; it increase pollution and profits for his stock holdings (never declared his portfolio or transactions after election)

He’ll make sure to “rape and pillage all” that are moderates and right wing, but not his family and Russian connections.

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^Sad but true. He knows how to grab his base by the pussy….

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