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Why does the text on my computer look red and blue?

Asked by 0467201426 (4points) January 7th, 2019

I noticed on my computer that the text on it has red and blue on the edges, but on my iPad it doesn’t seem like it’s the case. On my iPad, the color depth is 32, but on my desktop the color depth is 24. What causes the text’s edges to have red and blue?

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Each pixel of the text is spanning fewer than the three pixels needed to show white on your monitor. You need to either get a finer monitor or turn off ClearType in Windows. ClearType allows Windows to show fine details in a font by turning off one or two of the associated pixels instead of the full 3.

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It maybe the monitor is set for HDTV and the source is not High Def. I have a friend with a HDTV and hooked up an older DVD (not Blu Ray) same issue; halos around text and items in front of a white background.

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