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Is a digital recording generated from an old vinyl record or tape invisible to copyright flags?

Asked by gondwanalon (16985points) January 8th, 2019

I don’t want to cheat anyone or make a dime using wonderful music created by very talented artists.

I’ve always paid for all of my music. All I want to do is to share the music with my friends (not that many) in GoPro videos that I make. Of course I get into trouble when I do that.

YouTube and fb often block my videos (sometimes just the sound or the entire AV).

YouTube has put me on a kind of probation where only a small portion of my photo picture is visible. I suppose that this is to indicate to other’s that I’m a bad boy.

I’ve recently learned how to make digital copies of my very old vinyl records, cassette tapes and reel to reel tapes. I’m an old man and have a mountain of old sound material.

So what do you think?

Can I fly under the radar by digitizing my ancient recordings and using them in my videos?

Dozens of my videos are still visible on YouTube (don’t know for how long). Here’s a video I made of my canoe race on 1–5-19


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Quick answer: NO not invisible. The copyright detection software works off the tunes themselves and tries to do pattern matching on the sound.

So it may be an old LP or an old reel-to-reel recording that is your source, but if they can recognize the sound pattern, they will ding you.

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^ Pattern matching. You can try this experiment:
Listen to some music with your Android phone in hand and say “Ok Google. What’s this song?”
It’s amazing.

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Thanks you two!

My un-anointed extra duty in my canoe club is to make videos of our races and training. Most paddlers want to be filmed. I try to make the videos interesting and the music helps.

I don’t need to violate copyrights. I have some options:
-Buy copyright-free music
-A talented friend said I could use any of his many Garage Band songs.
-Two friends will let me use their music. They’re awesome with string instruments and can sing like a bird.
-Also I have some truly ancient music on old reel to reel tapes that will likely be OK to use.

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