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Whom would Lee Harvey Oswald more likely have assassinated, based on political leaning? Obama, or the orange Fake President?

Asked by ragingloli (44556points) January 8th, 2019

Who would be higher on his hit list?

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I haven’t a clue. I only know that Oswald would make the perfect fall guy for either. Though a Trump shooting would be rather inexplicable, since gun kook fanatics are integral to his base.

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Of everything I’ve ever read about Oswald, I think he would most likely dislike the authoritarian nature of Trump much more.

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Trump would have been warned by his Russian contacts not to travel through Dealey Plaza by motorcade. He avoids book depositories anyway so it could never happen.

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^^^Excellent! But he’s into grassy knolls, isn’t he?

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Oswald was portrayed as pro Russia. Since Trump is too, I’d say Obama.
If Oswald was just a patsy, as many believe, he might go for Trump.

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Assuming he acted on his own, I would bet he had some serious problem with the civil rights things. A black president would have sent him over the edge.

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It is assumed that he killed JFK to prove to the USSR that he needed to be taken seriously.

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Lee Harvey wanted the USSR to take himself seriously??

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