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Are there health dangers to having so many cell phone towers and wi-fi connnections everywhere?

Asked by Demosthenes (8862points) January 9th, 2019

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I’ve been reading about 5G, which will require many more cell phone towers spaced closer together and it sounds a bit concerning to me. In 2017, a scientific study about the carcinogenic effects of RF/EMF exposure to humans was submitted to the EU. We know that more people are getting cancer than ever before. Can there be downside to this advance in technology?

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Your first link goes to a clickbait conspiracy theory scientific woo website.

Cutting and pasting from the first two paragraphs:
“Science tells us that everything is energy and that matter is nothing more than energy in a different form. Our bodies are a composite of many different energy patterns and vibrations. In fact, the universe and everything in it is made up of different levels of vibration. – Dr. John Veltheim, author & energy therapist, 1992

In traditional medicine, the human energy system (HES) serves as a functional bridge between body and mind, and energy is the therapeutic medium that heal and balances both physical disease and mental malaise. ”

This is absolute bullshit and makes no sense.

Your second link is slightly more mainstream but equally as filled with bullshit.
To wit: ” For GSM we had only one study, but 5G technology spectrum — energy will be deposited solely in the skin. Meaning that the human skin will take on all absorption and other organs will not be affected.””

Energy is not “deposited”. And frankly what he wrote is not true. What that means is that human skin could stop a 5G signal—all you need to do is wrap a celphone in human skin and no signal can get out.

That’s bullshit. First of all, celphone signals are nonionizing, which means that they don’t ionize. In order for radiation to cause cancer it must be ionizing. The lowest ionizing radiation is UV radiation. Below that is visible light. Below that is infrared. Below that is microwave.

So, no. Use your celphone as much as you want. You are far more likely to
a) Get cancer from solar radiation and
b) Get hit by a car because you’re looking at your celphone.

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Not unless wifi, TV and radio are dangerous too.

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I believe our body can tolerate certain level of radiation from time to time. More towers closely-packed together means higher intensity of radiation for people that live near them. We know that consuming too much of something is bad for us in a long term. More reasearch is needed to ascertain the effect of prolonged exposure of intensified radiation to human’s health.

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^^ I see. That means there’s such thing as overdosing yourself with such radiation. I was being cautious because I want to on the safe side.

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