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Ha! And the FAA is not inspecting planes for safety and the TSA is calling in sick and it is mainly on planes that terrorists come. But sure – let’s build a wall.

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The FDA inspectors have stopped inspecting food and meat.

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And how many tens of thousands of miles of coastline is u dear the Coast Guard protection? (Or not?)

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The Coasties will be there but they may be bankrupt if Trump won’t negotiate.

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And these facts are funny how?
Our President is trying to do something many of us consider important.
Anyone entertained by the struggle are sick.

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Believe me @Patty_Melt nobody is finding the crisis that has been created in this country funny.

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Look up the numbers, @Patty_Melt, about undocumented immigrants. Look up the facts. Look up statistics that were published before this administration.
The southern border is not the issue.
The FDA stopping inspections of our food sources is the issue.
The FAA lapsing on maintenance and security is the issue.
Putting our military families into bankruptcy is the issue.

None of this is necessary, and all of it is harmful.

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@Patty_Melt There is nothing funny about having a garage sale to be able to make your bills, or baby sitting or walking dogs. The very serious situation is Trump lying about how many terrorists are crossing the border and trying to scare the people of America with falsehoods.

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You’re right; @Patty_Melt if it goes for too long people will have to go bankrupt. The monthly impact is $1.2 billion (Yes BILLION) a month to the US economy, it is not hurting Russian or China. Or the steel and coal companies that Trump had Donnie Jr and Eric buy stock cuz they are going to build the wall with Trump’s companies resources !

Oh if they have to report to work with “no pay” there are no part time jobs or time to set up garage sales

The long term impact will be at the polls in November, GOP is going to take a hit.

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