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Can a TV “cable” company enforce a cancellation fee if you never signed any contract?

Asked by JLeslie (61540points) January 10th, 2019 from iPhone

The service I have for my TV is raising the price after a year, and I have a two year contract. The associate I just spoke to said the base price I was given is for two years, but the discounts disappear after one year. I find this deceptive and awful. If I cancel with them they charge me $240 cancellation fee. Thing is, I never signed any contract. I feel they misrepresented the contract to me.

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Did you sign for the cable box at the cable store or when the tech installed the box??

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Somewhere in the fine print of either the paperwork, or on one of the very first screens, you should find a something about implied consent. Your use of the systems implies your acceptance of their terms and conditions.

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Well, it’s possible, but what you gonna do? Hire a lawyer at $150 an hour to fight it?

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Yes, I would think they could. If you don’t pay the fee, it will probably just go to collections.

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Ask them to document where you agreed to a contract.

The contract may have been clicking “OK” on a screen , or saying “I agree” on the phone. Either way it would have to be made clear that you were committing.

It sounds like it may not work in this case, but telling them you are leaving can trigger a “customer retention” protocol where they offer you a new deal, like what they are offering new customers.

I used to do that with AT&T every year.

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