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Does Dr J know that Christmas is over?

Asked by janbb (54521points) January 10th, 2019

He’s still got his Santa hat on!

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Oh, shit…, I had no idea…..
Consider the hat gone (give me a day)!

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my tree stays up forever, Dr J and I roll the same way.

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I just forwarded to @ben.

Since I started it this season.

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I think Dr J should don a Hawaiian print shirt and go on a winter vacation next.

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And send back pictures of the warmlands to us cold ones!!!

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Dr. J will take down his Christmas tree sometime during March. He leaves his outside decorations year-round; it’s much easier that way, you see.

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I always thought he was half Jewish and half Scots-American.

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Will he change to cupid Dr J? Leprechaun J? Bunny ears J?

I still have my Christmas village up. I’m as motivated as Dr J right now.

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Somebody please take my hat off….

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I’ve always heard that you are supposed to take your Christmas Tree down by St. Patrick’s Day (17th of March)or the Leprechauns will getcha. But the Ives of March (the 15th) is unlucky, too.

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