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What is the best way to clean a Macbook?

Asked by blastfamy (2159points) August 22nd, 2008

My Macbook is starting to look less-than-white. I love the white, so you can see how this is mildly depressing. I have heard that there are some chemicals (including ordinary soaps) that mar the look of the plastic, so I would rather not jump headlong into a belated spring cleaning project.

Does anyone know of a safe, effective way to clean the exterior of the machine. I’m looking for something that will make it look brand new.

The screen could also use some work: With the screen off, you can see the outlines of some of the keys. What are safe, effective screen-cleaning techniques?

Again, I am looking for the brand-new look; I am also not afraid to put a little elbow grease into this. I just need to know what cleaners to use (safely).

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I use this stuff. It works wonderfully. Makes my MacBook nice and shiny. And, you can use it on both the case and the screen.

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The magic eraser sponges work pretty well.

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I use non-acetone nail polish remover on my white MacBook. Just plain water for the screen. In both cases, I’m talking about using the liquids to dampen a cloth or paper towel.

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I 2nd lefteh. That is what I use on my iMac and it works great.

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I third lefteh, I use it as well.

I advise against magic eraser, (even though i love them, @randy!), since they buff away the surface.

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@andrew: I havnt tried it on my MacBook, but my roommate has a white one and the eraser does wonders for his. I won’t argue that lefteh’s solution is better though. ;)

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Thanks, that sounds like a good solution!

Is it sold anywhere in a store? or just at the website?

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I get mine at the local Apple Store. MicroCenter also carries it. Here in central Ohio, anyway.

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Any alcohol wipes should do it.

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You could not pay me to rub alcohol on my MacBook.

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washing machine. works every time.

[I fourth iKlear]

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I wasn’t talking about bottom up your whisky, i meant something like this :p
Relax, i would never hurt your MacBook
I ♥ 

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I was talking about that too!

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oh, well… why wont you use them on your mac? did i miss something? :S

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well, it didn’t do anything bad to my mac or my neighbors mac.

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Eh, I’ve heard both success stories and horror stories. I don’t see any reason to use alcohol wipes when I can use a substance that is specifically designed for cleaning Macs.

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Guess what.

I use toothpaste on the keys and it works a treat, followed by a slightly damp cloth.

And it smells minty fresh!

I’ve also used it on the surrounding bezel etc, avoiding the iSight.

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