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When is having a borrowed ladder from the movie GATTACA legit or ethical?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (14196points) January 10th, 2019

Falsified credentials. I would like a non judgemental discussion about it. I asked family about it and they said no. So I didn’t. Honest thieves don’t last long.

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Love that movie.

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Probably never since by definition it’s a falsity? In Gattaca though imo it’s justified. If I remember correctly there’s an issue of villainous discrimination to say the least. And Jude Law’s character willingly gave his identity to Hawke.

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If it wasn’t returned after being borrowed as agreed to, then it is unethical. If it was borrowed, it’s not yours (or whoever borrowed it), return it.
Never assume anything!

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It sounds like a DNA ladder to me.

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Loved that film too.

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It’s ethical when your system of ethics holds disregard for others’ credential requirements.

Ethics are subjective.

In GATTACA, it is clearly a nightmarish society that has such rules in the first place. Breaking those rules isn’t an ethical violation in itself, except in the chaos and consequences it provokes.

A more extreme example would be in the various films about espionage operations in Nazi Germany during war time. Allied ethics tended to opine that forged documents were ethical to use against them.

The word “legit” you used tends to imply an ethical framework that accepts the propriety of those expecting the credentials.

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