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What is your favorite TV dinner?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41812points) January 11th, 2019

Mine is the Hungry Man turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy. They used to come with peas with a pearl onion in them, and that was good, but here lately it’s been mixed vegetables. :/
But dessert is still some sort of cobbler, maybe cranberry? Anyway, it’s good and I just ate me one.

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I haven’t had a TV dinner in 30+ years. They were all so salty, they tasted awful.

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Huh. I didn’t notice that about these, and I am really turned off by too much salt. Maybe they’ve changed them.

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Not a fan of TV Dinners but I like a lot of Trader Joe’s frozen offerings such as:

Beef & Brocolli
Kung Pao Chicken
Diner Mac & Cheese
Orange Chicken
Chicken Tempura
Vegetables Dumplings

All yummy and easy to make.

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I didn’t know they still made them.

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They do. They were great for work because you can nuke them. But when I’m having them at home I use a conventional oven.

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Spinach, mashed potatoes, meatballs, and gravy.

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Swanson’s Salisbury beef steak with red sauce, not brown. Recently I have VH Steamers Chicken Teriyaki for emergencies.

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Salisbury steak! We have once a month.

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Jeopardy with eye fillet of beef.

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Any of the Eating Well frozen dinners

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Mmmm…I haven’t had Sallisbury Steak since grade school.

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I haven’t had a TV dinner in over thirty years. I used to like the Hungry Man turkey too, @Dutchess_III, although it seemed like the turkey was getting a bit too manufactured.

I have always been a fan of Swanson Turkey pot pies, but not the Hungry Man size, because the hungry man doesn’t have crust on the bottom.

One year when I was poor and had to work holidays at a hotel, I had a Turkey Pot Pie for Thanksgiving dinner.

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After looking up the definition of “TV dinner” I can’t say I usually have any of them. There are many eateries and food kiosks of various kind outside my house so the need for prepared food is almost non-existent. That kind of prepared food is, however, popular in budget parties where each of the guests will get a boxed meal for food, as getting food in party is customary here. The most popular one here is Nasi Padang/Sayur, which is, rice with various side dishes in a box.

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I’m not sure these count as TV dinners. My favorite frozen food meals are:

Stouffer’s Lasagna with meat sauce

Stouffer’s Chicken a la king (I add extra peas and corn on the side also from frozen)

Stouffer’s escalloped chicken and noodles (I add peas and corn on the side).

Stouffer’s macaroni and beef.

Stouffer’s turkey with mashed potatoes and stuffing with gravy.

Seeing a pattern? I swear Stouffer’s should pay me a spokesperson fee.

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@zenvelo I like what ever the cheapest pop pie is, and I only eat the crust. The crust is so good. I tried giving rest to the cat….and she won’t touch it! Won’t touch the turkey or the gravy. So then I give it to the dogs.

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I’m not big on TV dinners, but there are some by evol that are pretty good. I forget the name of one, but it’s like soy ginger udon noodles. That’s probably my favorite. I only seem to ever find it at Target. No one else has it. I find Amy’s to be pretty good. A couple of their products are repackaged and sold under the Trader Joe’s name.

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TV dinner!?!
It’s a fucking microwave ya loon.

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I do like Hungry Man chicken strips with cheesy fries. I used to eat it all the time. Haven’t seen it in awhile though. Other than that, not really a big fan of tv dinners.
I am a fan of those mega size frozen meals, the ones that are bigger than your head, like lasagna and chicken enchiladas. Those can last at least five meals.

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