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Are Americans put in danger to some extent or another by furlough?

Asked by flo (12904points) January 11th, 2019 I don’t know why it says 2018 the search result says 2019
Are the TSA (for example essential services?) excluded from the furlough and if so what other are excluded?
Even non citizen employees are protected from abuse by employer, aren’t they? Isn’t this a human rights issue?
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I’m flagging it for typo re.:
Are _“Americans” and “Are the TSA (for example) employees excluded from the furlough, what other _employees are excluded?_

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the last big shutdown compromised a lot of federal workers personal data. Cyber security personnel were sent home leaving several vulnerable networks unguarded and thousands of people had their information exposed. Gov’t is still paying to monitor their credit and identity. It could have been worse.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me How can it be worse? What are you comparing it with? Why does it have to be the worst thing before it can be considered unconstitutional or whatever else. Has a lawsuit been launched against the government? I don’t remember where I heard that there is a lawsuit .

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…Edited to add to last sentence.

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