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The apple logo on my iphone is frozen, what should i do?

Asked by kittyluvr (1points) August 22nd, 2008

i have an 16G iphone and my iphone doesn’t start up past the apple logo…it just stays on the logo ITS SO FRUSTRATING!! and i don’t have a warranty on my iphone because i got it from the internet and i tried calling the apple company and they say they can’t fix it because i don’t have a warranty…is there any way i can BUY a warranty or DO SOMETHING????? ive tried rebooting AND IT DOESN’T WORK!!!!!!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If everything is backed up on your computer, I would just blitz it in iTunes.

Connect the phone to your computer. In the device screen on the source list, you should see a button that allows you to restore the phone to the original settings. Do that.

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Try a restart first by holding both the home and hold switch buttons down at the same time for approx. 10 seconds. The screen flashes, and wait (awhile) for the startup logo to change to the standard “standby screen”; if that doesn’t do it, then:

Unfortunately if your iPhone is in an endless loop, you will need to restore it back to factory settings; any unsaved/un-backed up apps and media will be wiped. Also, if your iPhone is jailbroken or unlocked, you may be looking at an extensive set of instructions to re-jailbreak it. If it is unlocked for a carrier other than AT&T, then you probably want to research the best way to restore the iPhone…a standard restore through iTunes may brick an otherwise functional unlocked phone.

Use the next instructions at your own risk; if your iPhone is not unlocked or jailbroken, it should go smoothly…FYI

To restore a frozen iPhone, launch iTunes, but do not connect the phone to the dock/cable yet.

Next, you will need to put the phone in recovery mode; first, hold down both the home button and the hold switch until the phone restarts; keep holding the buttons down (don’t release) until the white logo turns off and screen goes blank;

Next, release both buttons, then press and hold only the home button and while continuing to hold, connect it to the dock/cable; iTunes will then give you the prompt “iTunes has detected an iPhone in Recovery Mode; proceed?” press OK to continue. iTunes will then download the latest firmware (2.0.2) and install it. This takes awhile depending on your internet connection.

Folllow the screen prompts until the firmware is successfully reinstalled. After that you can proceed to re-sync data, set up your email, and re-install your apps (if you have any).

If you’re running an older firmware (1.1.4 for instance), doing this restore will wipe the old firmware and update to 2.0.2 (the latest version). Just a forewarning.

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Happens to me all the time. The new firmware made it worse. SndfreQs reset trick should work. Or if you leave it alone it may come out of it. But that can take a very long time.

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I’d recommend making an appointment with a Mac Genius at a Mac store if the above suggestions don’t pan out. The geniuses are ALWAYS so helpful! You can make an appointment, no matter if you’re under warranty or not.

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put it in the microwave, but only for 45 seconds.

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My Iphone is frozen
I went to see a so called Genius at the Apple shop and they told me that because i put a new screen in myself i have no warranty there is nothing they can do. I knew this already ,so i asked how much will they charge me for fixing it anyway but they refused to do it because i had fitted the screen !
I couldn’t get them to take my money!
Here’s my money now mend my phone! they refused to touch it!
Genius my ass!
I’ve tried re booting , nothing works.
Help! please

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try removing the cover and taking the battary out, this will flat line the phone if left out for over 10 min, this is prob what happened when you replaced the screen and when you put it back, it should push the phone back to factory setting.

Then jail break the phone, this will allow you to replace the old os and give you access to the phones registry and see if it is a software problem. the jail break may fix the problem anyway as it sounds like you OS has been corrupted by replacing the screen and removing the phones main power source.

good luck

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