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Do you have four pieces of identification ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (14361points) January 11th, 2019

When I was 23 years old I went to a bar and was told to show four pieces of identification to get in. Can the bouncers ask for that many? Have you ever been asked for lots of Id? What would you show to add up to four pieces of identification ?

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A bouncer can ask anything he wants. But his job is to screen the people his employer wants screened, and admit others. At some point, it’s just obnoxious, and I would say asking for more than one or two pieces means someone is being an annoying jerk about it.

The only people I remember wanting lots of ID from me are, um… passport offices, universities, maybe some airline ticket counters, traffic cops wanting license/insurance/registration, the IRS, and hospitals wanting insurance cards.

I would probably show a bouncer an incredulous look and then the back of my head as I walked away.

I have about nine pieces of ID in my wallet, though, if you count store loyalty/membership cards and bank/credit cards.

“Real ID” that’s a current version, I think I own three – passport, driver’s license, social security card. I’ve only had to show the SS card maybe three times in my entire life.

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Well I have a DL, SS Card, a credit card or 2, and a health insurance card.

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Yes. Bank cards, id card, and passport.

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Four pieces of ID? No bar is that great. I’d tell that bouncer yes, I have four pieces of ID and that he can take them and shove them up his ass. Not really. Bouncers are scary.

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Weird. I’ve never been asked for more than one photo ID to get into any bar. But yeah, I guess I have a few IDs, if you count my photo ID, bank cards, DNC membership, insurance card, etc.

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VA id, two sons and a daughter.

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Bouncer just did not want to let you in.

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Sure I have three picture ID I carry,plus a couple that don’t have my photo.

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Yes. Easily. Enhanced Drivers license, picture Id for some big box stores, credit cards, medical insurance, more.
I could do it but I wouldn’t bother. That would have been a sign the bouncer was limiting the crowd number and they do not need my business.

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@LuckyGuy That’s interesting. I’ve never heard of a store having picture ID before. Can I ask which store?

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@LuckyGuy I’m also curious about the picture id for stores.

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I had one for Sams club. Not uncommon.

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I’ve got a couple of “Club Store” ID’s with a picture like Costco.

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Sure.@raum @AshlynM Sam’s Club . I went to a new Costco with a friend and his card had his picture as well.

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I have a Costco card—but no picture on it. I feel so uncool.

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:-) This store is a relatively new one in Rochester NY. My friend was from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Maybe they have different systems.

I also have NY and 4(x) state concealed carry permits with photos.

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