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What does it mean when a guy says “you’re my world”?

Asked by Kaelynne (4points) January 11th, 2019

My boyfriend recently just said “you’re my world” to me, what does it exactly mean? It’s not a sign of possessiveness is it? I hope it’s a nice thing..

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It’s a nice thing, it means you mean a lot to him and he views things in terms of your relationship.

Depending on how old you are and how mature you each are, it could be a little smothering. If told at age 17 it’s a little much. But if you are 30, it’s an indication of getting very very serious.

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It could mean that he loves you, which would be sweet.

Or it could be a line that he has fed you, so that you will have sex with him. Not so sweet.

Statistically speaking, he wants sex.

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It means he wants to get into your pants.

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That he is a teenage boy?

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He’s either being romantic or just being cheesy, depending on his personality. It’s wiser to just shrug it off as it’s usually “Actions speak louder than words” that really matter.

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Ask him what that means to him as many have other meanings.
Obviously that saying means that you are thought of highly and he is grateful to have you in his life.
But it is all subjective, so ask him what he really meant.

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Until he showed me otherwise…..I’d say he is buttering me up for something he wants!

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I think a good next step would be to chat with him and ask to tell you more about what he meant, ask in as neutral a way possible and respect his answers.

It could be that he’s saying he likes what you two have shared so far, and would like more.

If you’re lucky he’ll be able to articulate the facets of his admiration for you (really lucky, who’s good at that?). Could be he has thought about what he said to you and he might have a lot of detail to share – could be he’s in love with you, how do you feel about that?

Then again he might heard the line in a movie and was trying it out, innocently, with you because with whom else would he try it?

It’s at least a compliment, and a “shucks, thanks!” can encourage more of this positive feedback.

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