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What's the deal with mattresses on craigslist?

Asked by chris (409points) August 22nd, 2008

I’ve been shopping around for mattresses, and there’s a large number of postings on craigslist for new (“still in the plastic”) mattresses at steeply reduced prices. Is it possible to actually get a good deal this way? Has anyone had any experience with this market?

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Don’t know why. But I have seen enough news magazine shows like 60 minutes talk about how people recycle matresses and you can find all kinds of gross stuff in them. I would be very careful.

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If there is any item in your life you want pristine and unused, it is your mattress. “Still in plastic” is like “not setting the odometer back.” Clever con artists can do anything.

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They complete with a lifetime supply of bedbugs and or cockroaches. I swear, the bedbugs probably have someone “on the inside” setting up the sales….get it?/ HAHAHAAH

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and an exterminator told me that the hardest bug to get rid of is the bedbug.

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In MN it has been against the law to sell a used mattress for many years. You can sell the frame/headboard, etc. and “give away” the mattress,( probably offered that way so they don’t have to pay to take it to the landfill), Not many people want to actually use a used mattress these days; not only because of bugs and insects but because of MRSA (methcillin resistant staph aureus) and other very hard to kill infectious bacteria.

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Or dust mites or other unsavory things.

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Buy it and it is all urine, I mean, yours….

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