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Do liberal leaning news personalities mislead American voters same as some Fox News personalities do?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22841points) January 12th, 2019

Here is an example of a Fox News employee misleading his audience.

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I’m not sure. Is it Fox personalities or liberal leaning personalities that would say “The only thing that could have prevented….(fill in the blank bad thing) is the person/s who did it not having done it ” Someone on TED Talk said that? Is that a liberal leaning or Fox News leaning thing to say?

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According to Fox and conservatives in general, liberal leaning personalities is anyone other than Fox.

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I don’t like most Fox News “personalities”. They are shrill, aggressive and shallow and don’t strike me as being very nice people. Fox employs people to promote its agenda rather than to present the news which may explain the low standards. I can’t think of any Western mainstream news channel that is such poor quality.

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Um, yes and if you can’t see it you’re blind. It’s as plain as day. It’s as bad as Fox was just a couple years ago. They used to be the laughing stock of the media they were so right slanted, CNN is as bad or worse now.

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Liberals should watch Fox, if for no other reason than to study the few on the reporting staff with the sense to understand (and care) that their integrity is on the line.

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The question is far too vaguely worded to have a meaningful answer.

There is no agreed list of who is “liberal leaning” news personalities, though if you’re referring to someone as a “news personality” then it implies to me someone whose feature is their personality as they spew some corporate perspective, rather than an actual journalist, who are a very rare bred especially in mainstream media these days.

My view on what you’re talking about is:

Fox News is mostly blatantly full of not just corporate doctrine, but almost-always-US-Right-Wing, often-airheaded, often-sensationalist, often insultingly-wrong-minded and/or downright backwards or wrong idiocy.

In general I would answer no, I don’t know of “liberal” people approaching Fox’ level of ridiculousness.

Although Fox’ Chris Wallace has called out Trumps’ Press Secretary for lying.

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I think the pure fiction level is higher at Fox, Sinclair News is tops in make believe and critics including former news anchor Dan Rather have described Sinclair’s practices as being “an assault on our democracy” by disseminating what they perceive to be Orwellian-like propaganda to its local stations for the (Right wing).

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I play a game when I flip on Fox. I see how long it takes for them say (or scroll) the word “Clinton.”

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Yes they do. Channels like CNN and CNBC do what is called “neutrality bias”. For example, taking issues like climate change and evolution, and bringing on a scientist and a climate change denier, and pretending like it’s a reasonable debate.

Also, CNN hire hosts that won’t rock the boat and won’t bring up income inequality, the status quo, and how CNN benefits from unregulated capitalism. It’s difficult for CNN to talk about solutions to help the poor and middle class, because the big corporations who invest in CNN are directly opposed to that.

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Another thing they do is simply “reading the news” is mostly a thing of the past. You don’t get to make your own judgements anymore. They literally tell you what to think because after reporting the news they usually turn to a panel or other “experts” for an analysis. That’s usually where the bias is found.
Another is selectively reporting stories that either strengthen their team or weaken the other while failing to report stories that do the opposite. Shifting between FOX and CNN is comical. Both sides do this. The difference is FOX is in your face and it’s impossible to miss their bias. Most other media is more subtle their bias is just sprinkles here and there but a lot of them. It’s more like a mile wide and an inch deep than a narrow, turbulent flow.

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I’m also referring to actual misrepresentation of data.

In that video link I posted in the OP it seems the Fox opinionist misrepresented numbers that would easily mislead anyone who doesn’t check the numbers for themselves.

I’m wondering whether CNN or MSNBC do something like this as well.

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I usually watch MSNBC, and I have noticed times when they miscolor the truth, for example, by saying Trump accused Ted Cruz’s father of helping assassinate JFK (what he actually said was Ted Cruz’s father knew Oswald).
However, miscoloring is very different from the extreme, flat out lying that FOX does, like saying that a school shooting never happened, and the crying parents are all actors.

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Well, I do mean mostly conservative, but I support several liberal standings.
I have never watched Fox News as a regular habit. Only on rare occasions, maybe when the clicker is out of reach. It has been a long time.
I always felt like they don’t take news seriously. They seem like they are pretending to be serious about the news, but mostly they would rather be acting.
I prefer getting my news from local stations, not always the same network.
Currently my favorite is ABC. However, when something comes along which is big news, I switch around, to see how the item is presented by different networks.

Here is something I have been curious about lately.
Do any of you know if any of our American based news sources are funded primarily by foreign sources?

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Funding for media is selling ads @Patty_Melt, so if CNN has an ad from Ram Truck (FCA in Italy owns Ram) it doesn’t mean CNN is funded by Italy. However, NPR is funded by donations from public and private organizations.

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It’s all corporate media so I don’t believe for one second any of the major news outlets are reporting anything objectively and fairly.
I like NPR news a lot but I find they have a left leaning bias. Local news is ok except for what is left of our local paper, they put a sensationalist spin on just about everything.

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@filmfann So it wasn’t trump who originally accused Cruz’s father of helping in killing JFK?

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@Zaku The OP is vague? I don’t see it as vague at all. You seem to ave answered it.

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@flo It is clear only if one accepts the meaningfulness of the labels. i.e. what is liberal? What is liberal-leaning? What/who is “a liberal-leaning news personality”? And in what way does on mean “mislead”? There are vast oceans of assumptions and vagueness in all of that, inside of which much of our society’s ability to meaningfully discuss actual issues and actually express our will routinely smothers and drowns.

It’s easy to answer inside the accepted context, but I think our vague labels need to be deconstructed before there’s really much meaning to be had.

@Patty_Melt “Do any of you know if any of our American based news sources are funded primarily by foreign sources?”
– Not as far as I know.
As I understand it, most US news media is owned by the conservative American company Sinclair Broadcast Group ( which issues exact wordings which newscasters on all the major networks tend to then parrot as if it was something they each thought of themselves.

Rupert Murdoch was an Australian citizen until the mid-1980s.

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@Zaku Would you have an OP with examples, just for that point? That would be helpful.

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@flo I’m sorry – I don’t know what you mean by “have an OP”? Do you mean, would I ask a question here on that point?

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@Zaku Yes, or if you would elaborate here.

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