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What does Station Zone mean on a train schedule?

Asked by flo (12078points) January 12th, 2019

I mean I see the days, and the the time it departs and arrives at what stop, no problem, but what is the “station zone” about?

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I’m only guessing but might it represent a fare stage?

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It could be I guess.. Once you get to that zone you have to pay more?

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All I’ve known about the fare is it’sa either for one passage, or unlimited day, or week or fill in the blank length of time, for going from one end to the other. But thanks for the suggestion @flutherother

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On Caltrain, there are different fares for different zones dependent on the distance as @flutherother suggests/

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On the train I ride, the ticket price to or from downtown varies from Zone A (about 3 miles) to Zone J (about 50 miles)

There are 2 to 5 stations in each zone.

Zone A $4.00
Zone B $4.25
Zone C $5.50
Zone D $6.25
Zone E $6.75
Zone F $7.25
Zone G $7.75
Zone H $8.25
Zone I $9.00
Zone J $9.50

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But what if there is no fares corresponding to the zones but just 3 digit numbers , 21 of them listed horizontally, and there is 6 stations listed vertically, and the figures that correspond to the stations is time of departure and arrival at each station? Edited for typo.

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Can you link to the schedule so we can see? It may be that the numbers correspond to a fare key somewhere else.

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I don’t have it, I’m just going by description I heard. I’ll see if I can get it on line/online

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