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When smoking was allowed in bars would the beer or hard alcohol chatch on fire?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13498points) 5 days ago

Can alcoholic drinks catch on fire?

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They didn’t catch from smoking, but very aromatic liquors can be lit with a high temperature flame. That’s how flambé desserts work, pour brandy and light on fire.

There are known cases of very drunk obese alcoholics spontaneously combusting from a flame or a cigarette. The alcohol ignites and the fat burns like a candle.

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@zenvelo you’re in general tsk tsk.

There are several flaming drinks includes Flaming Coffee Sambuca, may have done one (two or three . . . ) of those!

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Maybe not outside the realm of physical possibility, but astronomically unlikely. Most like is the cigarette just gets doused by the liquid before anything would have a chance to ignite.

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