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Why are Caucasian people called white when they are mostly pink?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16341points) January 12th, 2019

Just wondering.

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Speak for yourself. I’m white enough to reflect sunlight.

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@Darth_Algar Thats why I said mostly and not all. Thanks for the correction. I flagged my q.

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No need flag your own question dude. My response was meant in humor.

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The words for colours typically followed after they were discovered and produced as a dye.

White is the oldest known colour to be used in art.

I suspect it’s because “pink” probably came along much later after “white” people were already around for a long time. And the word “white” is etymologically related to anything “light” or “bright”.

Had pink been used and known before white, then perhaps the first white people would have been called pink people.

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Maybe also because a long time ago people tried hard to be as pale as possible. The aristocracy kept themselves out of the sun, women wore very white make-up, they strived for as white as you could be.

Black people aren’t black either, especially in the Americas they don’t even come close. On the American continent they are many shades of brown.

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Filthy Pinkskins.

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Deleted by me.

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It’s a general term, like calling blacks black when they are actually brown. If one were to be so specific as to actual color, it would be too confusing to assign a specific color to each individual.

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Hey…let’s rename my local NFL team the Washington Pinkskins. We can see how long before people become outraged.

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I agree with @Kropotkin’s historical explanation. As an ongoing choice, I think it is just lazy, shorthand.

And, Stevie Wonder’s fault.

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Just lololol.

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