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Does she hate me?

Asked by Cherryblossom0245 (1points) January 13th, 2019

I have a friend who keeps saying she doesn’t like her picture taken, she doesn’t like group selfies or anything, yet when I go onto her Instagram, she has pictures of herself and of her and our other friend all over it? Is it me? Does she secretly hate me?

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She may not necessarily hate you. It’s possible she may not want her picture taken with you for some reason. I would ask her about it or at least write her a letter.

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The obvious thing to do is to ask her. How would we know?

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Is your friend me?

I have a severe issue with having my photo taken, I don’t like group selfies, I don’t like other people to point a camera at me under any circumstances. I can’t put into words how stressful it is for me (I don’t know your friend’s reason, but my reason is that I have a mental health condition that is triggered by having certain things taken out of my control.) I also share selfies. The difference between a photo of yourself taken by yourself and a photo of yourself taken by another person is that you are in control of one situation and not in another. This is a very common phenomenon in people who have low self esteem or certain mental health conditions that can contribute to low self esteem. I think it’s far less likely that she hates you and more likely that she has come to trust the other friend (I’d also wager a bet that the photos with the other friend are taken on her own phone) and it’s also possible that she may feel self conscious next to you but not next to the other friend. Are you objectively more attractive? Try asking if she’d feel more comfortable if she could be the one taking the picture. If she says no, just say that’s okay and accept that she doesn’t want to take pictures under some circumstances and as a person who deals with this, I beg of you, don’t be pushy or mean about it. Because a lot of people are.

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@ANef_is_Enuf but she says there are pictures of herself and her with other friends in other places.

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@Dutchess_III yes, which is why I said it’s possible that OP makes her feel self conscious. That isn’t the same as “hates” her. It may be that she doesn’t know her well enough to trust her with something that makes her feel vulnerable (such as a bad photo), maybe she wants to be in control of where the photos are posted or which ones are shared, maybe she is closer to the other people, there are plenty of reasons why she might feel more comfortable taking photos with other people without assuming she outright dislikes OP.

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