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What good things have happened to you guys lately?

Asked by wildpotato (15121points) January 13th, 2019 from iPhone

Just learned from Auggie’s thread that JP has cancer & freaked the hell out of my pets with a second round of yelling, crying, and pacing in two days.

Surely some fantastic things have also happened to you all these past few years I’ve been away, though. If you care to share, I would love to listen.

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Just a growing confidence in my ability to handle life as a single person – enjoying good friends, being in a Unitarian community, music, and frequent trips to see my family in California.

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I got a puppy who’s awesome, and I got married. I also received two new baby sisters.

Thanks for asking. What about you?

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My husband and i made our 20 year old dream of living in Wisconsin happen. Our son needs specialized medical care and we didn’t have that where we lived before. We also wanted our son to attend a good high school. My husband found a great job with good benefits. We are very happy here. We’ve gone from living where some fly confederate flags to rainbow flags everywhere. It’s amazing.

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I found my missing flash drive in my coat pocket.

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I had a medical procedure on New Years eve that went very well.

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Seen people on Fluther I’ve not seen in a long long time, feels good !

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I kissed 3 dogs and a baby today, and one more dog yesterday: )

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I found out that my local restaurant has an awesome b.l.t. with a fruit cup for $11. Better than I could make .

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Tsounouri came into my life (and more importantly, into my girlfriend’s life); the sweetest, cuddliest, most naive, six month old ginger cat in the world.
He’s a champ for comforting us, and he doesn’t even understand human language…
Must be the language of love.
We are very grateful he chose us.

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My mom started 2019 cancer free for the first time in ten years.

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I dated a man for most of last year. We broke up, but at Halloween, we started speaking again. We’re dating again. It feels good.

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@Hawaii_Jake Hey, long time no see!!! Congrats, glad to see you doing well!

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Finally have the label for my parcel from Amazon that was delivered in error sent off today. I wanted a lamp. I got a sausage stuffer. Will get full refund within 7 days after they get the parcel back.

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I bought a farm! And am slowly fixing it up for my dairy goats. The plan is to make and sell yogurt.

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@wildpotato I remember you had goats!

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JP seems to be on the mend, you know….

Well, I had 4 grandkids last night. This morning 5 year old Zoey and I started making waffles. I was reading the recipe and it called for 3 eggs, and I doubled the recipe. So I told Zoey to go get 6 eggs and put them in this bowl and she did.
Then I said, “Now we have to separate the eggs. Do you know what that means?”
In an exasperated voice she said, “Of course I do!” She was a bit insulted that I even had to ask. ”Like this!” she said, then rolled her eyes at me.

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@wildpotato bought the farm? That is not good….

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