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Why do some people think that there are no white people in Brazil?

Asked by Suivre (23points) 4 days ago

Why do some foreigners( especially Americans) think that there are no white people in Brazil?

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I would think that tourist and media show celebrations in Brazil that don’t show enough any white people. Sounds like a good opportunity to make an acurate updated documentary. Is it called Carnival or Festival ?

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I’ve literally never known anyone who thinks that.

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^^^^ what he said.

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I have never thought that even though, now that you mention it, I haven’t noticed any white people in Rio (Brazil) outside of the movies, and the recent Olympics.

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I’ve never thought about it one way or the other. Now that you’ve asked & I’m thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an advertisement for Brazil that showed any white people except for American tourists. Do a google search for “people of Brazil”, they only show brown people.

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Well, indiginous people of Brazile are brown, just like indiginous people of North America are. I assumed we were referring to modern populations.

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I didn’t search for “indigenous people of Brazil” because I knew what I would find. I did the search as “people of Brazil” just to see what would come up. Brazil doesn’t advertise that they have white people within their population…it’s not good for tourism!!! How are we to know that there are white people in Brazil IF they don’t ever show them???

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Well it assumed that is what you were looking for. Google “People of China” or “People of Africa.” Heck, try “People of North America” and see what comes up.

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Maybe they were wearing dark glasses.

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I googled White people in Brazil. There are lots of them. They aren’t indigenous though, like white people in America are not indigenous.

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Your question is why are some people idiots?

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Because they watch football and all the players are black.

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Brown @istanbulwingman, Brazilians are brown, not black. They come from the same ancestors as Native Americans, whose ancestors came from East Asia, via the Bering land bridge, 13,000 to 17,000 years ago. They made their way south through the North American continent, down through Mexico and on into South America.

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I like @yesitszen’s answer. Although, I might use ignorant instead of idiots to be nice.

@Suivre how are you defining white? And, why does it matter what color people think Brazilians are?

Also, in places like the United States of America, the people who mostly immigrate to America from Latin America have darker skin than your average Northern or western European. In fact, in America, a lot of people would even stereotype Italians as having a darker complexion and dark hair, because traditionally the Italians who first migrated here were from Sicily and Southern Italy.

It’s worth saying that in the US at least, the category of white as defined by our government, includes a lot of darker tones. My husband is white Hispanic. Some Americans might see him as not white, but the US government considers his race white on the census.

Furthermore, if someone is Russian-Mexican before winding up in the US, or German-Brazilian, a lot of people in the US ignore the stop over in Mexico or Brazil that the family made. When people find out my husband is Israeli, French, and Spanish, and Jewish, the second generation Mexican part seems to disappear for them. I tell them he is as much Mexican as I am American. Most people pause to think when I say that, and then most of them get it, and some people still don’t. Again, because of what @yesitszen said.

@Dutchess_III Brazil had a lot of black slaves brought into the country during the slave trade. Possibly, more than the US, I’m not sure. Definitely very big numbers compared to other South American countries. There are black people there, or part black from intermarriage etc.

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@JLeslie We are talking about the people of that country before the arrival of the Europeans just 600 years ago.
I did not say there were no black people in Brazil.

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@LadyMarissa All of the Americas have people from everywhere. The American continent was/is the new world, they came from all parts of Europe and Asia too. It’s not like only North America had “white people” immigrate. Argentina, Chile, and Brazil all have a lot of people of German descent. Especially Argentina.

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@JLeslie There was an indigenous people here for ~15,000 years before Europeans invaded in the 15th century. It wasn’t the “New World” to the Native Americans.

@LadyMarissa “How are we to know that there are white people in Brazil IF they don’t ever show them???” Well, by researching, like this. I typed in “White people of Brazil” and came up with The demographics of Brazile

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Also, I don’t think the tourists would care if there are white people there or not. They go to experience a different culture, a different people, not so that they can a duplicate of what they have at home.

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@Dutchess_III Of course there are indegenious people in Brazil. I thought you were saying there weren’t black people, I misunderstood.

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No, I didn’t say that.

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