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Why were dogs spared to not be eaten, but pigs weren’t?

Asked by rockfan (9706points) 4 days ago from iPhone

Pigs almost have a bigger personality than dogs do, and are super friendly and highly intelligent. I used to interact with a lot of pigs on my grandfathers farm when I was young, and I haven’t been able to eat pork or bacon since.

Does anyone else feel this way?

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Dogs are useful as hunting implements.

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Dogs have not been spared universally, just in western culture.

Pigs aren’t useful for hunting anything besides truffles, and they can’t be used for other tasks, such as herding or guarding. People domesticated dogs because they can be useful.

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Dogs’ faces show emotion, and pigs’ faces don’t.

There is much more variety in dog breeds than in pig breeds.

Pigs in general are fatter and look they’ll feed more people than a dog would.

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Pigs are made of bacon; dogs aren’t.

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Just discovered that James Cromwell became vegan after starring in the movie “Babe”. Definitely not surprised about that

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Pigs are very emotionally complex animals, even more than dogs.

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You can hunt pigs with dogs but you can’t hunt dogs with pigs.

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Pigs are more useful as food. Dogs are more useful alive. Sorry if that sounds cold, but humans got where we are by figuring out how to best utilize each resource available to us.

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Pigs are very emotionally complex animals, And, they are so emotionally attached to their owners that they will eat their faces if you fall into their pen.

I feal with enough emotionally complex people, I don’t need to deal with it from a pet that will eat me if I am not comfporting enough.

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@zenvelo Makes me wonder if any human ever met a similar fate in a puppy mill.

Considering the standards of the meat industry, can’t say that I blame the pigs.

I’d imagine you’d be hard-presses to find any account of a pig kept as a pet killing its owner.

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What are you talking about? Both dogs and pigs are forbidden creature in Islamic countries which is why they’re not eaten so it’s a fair situation for dogs and pigs. However, there are regions in my country where dogs are regarded as traditional delicacies, I also heard that some parts in China also practice the same thing. As for other countries… I think most people will prize animals that have been helping human to obtain food and build civilization since historic times, and we know those animals aren’t pigs. The bigger their merits the less we think of them as food source, I think.

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@zenvelo They definately will eat you.

We raised hogs for awhile and they do not play. You don’t stick your hands in there, and you certainly don’t get in the pen, or allow children even close.

Little house micro-pigs are cute, sure, but the big ones are not.

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@KNOWITALL “livestock” and pigs kept well are not the same thing.

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@anniereborn Okay, so weight and castration make the difference between nice and will eat you? That’s the actual defined difference between pigs and hogs.

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@KNOWITALL I’m talking about pigs that are kept as “pets” if you will.
I guarantee none of THESE are going to eat the owner’s face off.

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My first thought is dogs are pack animals, and they are superb fighters and hunters. So when ancient humans were looking for allies, dogs brought loyalty, and the ability to take direction, and fierceness.

I don’t think a pig would leap into defend me like a dog would.

But my second thought is lots of people do eat dogs. So I might be projecting our current relationship with dogs onto prehistory.

UPDATE: Immediately after submitting this comment I see this:
Stray Dog Adopted By Gas Station Rushes To The Rescue During Armed Robbery

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@anniereborn I guess all animals get mean when hungry.

We need @ucme to report, apparently the pigs over there have an aggressive streak.

here are, however, plenty of anecdotes suggesting that swine are willing and able to kill humans. British pigs seem to have a particularly aggressive streak. In 2006, a 650-pound swine pinned a Welsh farmer to a tractor and bit him until the victim’s wife scared the attacker off with a water hose. The same year, a pig foraging in England’s New Forest—a hunting ground where farmers pasture their swine—caused a horse to throw its rider, then mauled the prone woman.

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I think there are differences between breeds. And how they are raised and treated would factor in as well.

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Pig skin can be eaten. Dogs are harder to skin.

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Also, like rabbits, dogs have very little meat on them and lots of fat and meat on a pig.

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Pork tastes good, like really really good. Lard is useful in cooking other things that are really good.

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@RedDeerGuy1 But rabbits are yummy!

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Pigs are foragers. Dogs are hunters. Hunters are less appetizing than grazers and foragers. A hunter’s meat tends to be more tough, and stringy. Foragers and grazers are more fatty, and tender.

Wild pigs are vicious, and should never be approached. Ask any Arkansas resident where their Razorbacks team got their name.
Watch old yeller. Pigs attacked, dog rescued.
Wild dogs can be deadly, but, wild dogs have been known to associate themselves with humans when in need of food or companionship. No wild pig has ever tried to forge a relationship with humans.

Dogs can learn to say I Love you.
Pigs can only say ugh, and eeeeeEEEeeee.

I was attacked by a sow with a litter before. I know how dangerous, bloody, crazy freaking vicious they can be.
If one of their babies squeal in pain, the sow will attack whatever is closest, including the baby that squealed.

I grew up on a farm. We had pigs. I sometimes enjoyed watching them. I never wanted any of them in our house.
The chickens were nicer pets, and they gave us eggs every day, to go with our bacon.

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@Patty_Melt These must be citified pigs lol.

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Because no-one would buy a dogburger with the lot.

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