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Can hormones from red meat trigger aggression, and growth spurts in children?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19440points) January 15th, 2019

Like testosterone causing growth spirts, aggression and hair growth? Maybe 30 years ago , before they were flagged and hopefully removed from the food supply.

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Hormones that were added to live stock to make them grow faster and bigger have been suspected in causing early puberty in girls.

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It is my understanding that hormones are destroyed during digestion, which is why people inject them.

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@gorillapaws Oral birth control pills for women work in the stomach. Those hormones aren’t destroyed during digestion

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^^^ Correct!!!

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There has been correlation of the use of bovine growth hormone in dairy cows to earlier puberty in both boys and girls, and also possibly cancers. ( A definitive causal link has not been demonstrated).

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Are oral contraceptives actual hormones or drugs designed to stimulate production of those hormones? I don’t believe testosterone survives digestion, but I’m not an expert and I certainly could be wrong.

Edit: After some googling I think I am wrong. Apologies.

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