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To all chemists: What sort of compound would dissolve clothing, yet not at all react with skin and hair?

Asked by ragingloli (49124points) January 15th, 2019

Trying to engineer a slime monster.

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Lots of moths and larva can eat clothes and leave skin and hair alone. Biology not chemistry. I hope it helps. Have fun making a slime monster.

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Pheromones can make clothing disappear.

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Loli, I’ve invented such a substance. I spray it on anyone who annoys me, so that I can point to and giggle at their private parts, but without actually harming the person. But, I regret that I won’t share the formula; it’s my own.

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Maybe you where watching Star Trek TNG where Data was kidnapped by a collector? Where he threw acid on his star fleet uniform. To get him in civilian clothes. If you want to justify from the fictional universes president?

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