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Have you ever said "Martin Luther Coon" when you meant to say "Martin Luther King"?

Asked by Demosthenes (8863points) January 18th, 2019

This is the second story in which a newscaster has said “Martin Luther Coon” instead of “Martin Luther King”. He claims it was an honest mistake.

For those who don’t know, coon is an ethnic slur for a black person.

What do you think? Honest mistake? Or are these newscasters racist?

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Yeah, it was an honest mistake. Meaning the newscaster let his real feelings show by mistake.

I’ve known one person who said that. He was a loudmouth unapologetic racist. One of the few people I grew up around who used the “n” word in normal conversation.

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Of course not.

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Doesn’t seem like a thing that would happen to someone who isn’t in the habit of saying “coon” on a regular basis.

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No. Is there an actual person by the name Martin Luther Coon? I’ve never heard of him.

If not, it was a really fucked up mistake. I’ve never called anyone a coon on accident or on purpose.

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Can’t say that I have.

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I agree with @Mariah.

I haven’t said the word coon since Kraft changed the name on their extra sharp white cheddar. Even then I don’t think I said it, it was just a name on a package. Who says that word? Nobody I know.

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Martin Luther King is a household name. We hear and say it very often.

I never heard the word Coon as in a racist sense. Only in reference to racoons or coon-dogs. And I live in the rural south, not too far from a famous coon-dog cemetery between Cherokee and Hawks Pride, Alabama

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In the summer of 96 England hosted the European Football Championships (Euro 96)
They (we) reached the semi final playing Germany & in one passage of play the TV commentator described the action when a German attacker closed in on a challenge with the English goalkeeper, it went like this…

“Seaman goes in on Kuntz”

Innocent or rehearsed, he certainly grabbed the headlines & I suspect this newsreader knew exactly what they said would do the same, probably said as part of a bet/dare with friends.

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INo, it would never occur to me although I’m certainly aware of the term as a derogatory slur.

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I’m pretty skeptical it was an accident, I would investigate them. That is a racial slir I’ve heard and not in every day language for many people. I have a walker coon next door and I rarely use it and never by mistake.

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I’ve never said that or ever head anyone say that, although I’m sure some would. Have to agree with @Mariah post above.

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I’ve definitely heard the racial slur. Never in such context.
I guess accidents happen, but I agree with @Mariah . Maybe the teleprompter people were playing a joke on the anchor?

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Kardamom said the F word!!!

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Nope. But then I’m not an uneducated white supremacist twat.

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Because those two words are soooooo similar.
Mistake my arse.

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I think it’s actually happened three times

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Nope, most of the time I use MLK anyway.

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