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Can you explain to me the following speech made on "Grand Theft Auto V" (a little background and comments if you click)?

Asked by luigirovatti (2362points) January 20th, 2019

(“Weazel News” to the bottom right, “LifeInvader” to the bottom left)
” East Carraway”
(“peek, pry, populate” in the background behind the man speaking to the podium)
“Today, you’re about to witness a new phase. Full on, weapons grade, red alert, world domination!”
“We have put a billion people’s private data in the public domain, and we have milked every penny we could in the process.”
(“inflate yourself online” in the background)
“And we have one of the youngest work forces in the world! An average age of only 14.4 years. That’s not just impressive. It’s revolutionary!”
(“peek, pry, populate” again in the background)
“Today. Right here. We are about to make the next step! Prepare to witness… the future!”
(Put the index finger in an “O” made with his fingers (it’s not me, I swear! 8‑0))
“The LifeInvader mobile device…A small personal computerized device. Now you’re going to be able to stay docked 24/7.”

It happens after Michael uses the antivirus to get rid of ads. Jay Norris, founder & CEO of “LifeInvader” gives a speech to the audience in a podium. Still think I made it up? Don’t believe me? You just have to go to this link and go to 41:10, where the speech starts. Then you’ll see:
Don’t get me wrong, I know people think the GTA series is only like “Fast & Furious”, just a bunch of wackos macking heists and stealing cars, but I think it’s more. I think it’s a real dystopia here. Well, enough chitchatting. What do you guys think?

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I don’t understand your question. I have only played some GTA III and GTA IV, and read/watched some of GTA V, but it looks to me like yet another satirical cultural comment and hate-able faction in the GTA multi-verse, this time commenting on the likes of mobile devices and their privacy violations by merely being overt and a little bit more extreme about how companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook and others are data-mining the heck out of everyone (as well as using immoral labor practices).

What’s not to understand?

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And that stupid comment about “full on world domination”?

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GTA has always had sets of satirical dialogues on the side as part of the story line. It actually gets pretty deep at times if you care to look. It’s been way more than a simple open world car game for nearly two decades now. The speech alludes to Facebook, the fact that the average user age is 14.4 years old and that they are exploiting them for profit by cataloging and selling their information. Hence “workforce” They sprinkle some sugar on it for the added drama.

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“And that stupid comment about “full on world domination”?”

Just satirizing the kind of hyperbole that these techies typically use.

(Did Steve Jobs, for instance, ever do anything that wasn’t “revolutionary”?)

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“And that stupid comment about “full on world domination”?”

I take that as [exaggerated hype adjectives] world domination, in the sense that people conflate making money with a power game, as well as the part about owning info on everyone. It’s that same conversation I was mentioning on the anti-capitalism question thread just recently – the one that needs to be transformed, or else the consequences of that so much stuckness in that type of thinking just get worse and worse.

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