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What's your opinion on the "MAGA teens vs. Native Americans" incident in DC?

Asked by Demosthenes (9276points) January 20th, 2019

Another ugly episode in the ugly story that is contemporary America.

Part of the problem is that the incident is not being reported in full honesty. Essentially what happened is a group of Trump-supporting teenage boys from a Catholic high school in Kentucky were in DC for an anti-abortion rally. There were also Native Americans present for a separate indigenous rights rally.

At some point, the two groups clashed. The students did mock an older Native American man as he was praying, which is appalling. At the same time, it seems that the students were minding their own business when they were approached by others there (from the Native American rally) who insulted and berated them. A long video I watched of the incident does make it clear to me that the kids did not start the nastiness, but they certainly participated in it once it did start.

So a couple questions: is wearing a MAGA hat itself an act of aggression? Should the adults have behaved better? What have you heard about this incident in the media and what is your perception of both sides’ guilt in what happened?

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Teenage boys being disrespectful brats to an elderly Indian playing a drum and doing their chanting thing isn’t surprising. The man kept playing the drum no matter how much the boys laughed at him like it was well worth it to him to do it for some reason.

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I was following this yesterday, and that kid’s smirk was haunting me. The kids and their rancid parents should be made public and have their fucking disgusting lives ruined.

The sight of rich white invaders surrounding a native american and chanting about a wall was too much for me to handle, honestly.

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I’m with @notnotnotnot.

If there is another side to the story that can be captured in a short video like the one we’ve all seen, then someone needs to put it out there.

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Here’s a link to a video that’s edited from the hour-long one that I was referencing:

There is another side to the story, but that doesn’t mean that I think both sides are morally equal.

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I actually saw part of that, the moronic black religious zealot saying that they lost their land because they worship totem poles instead of the one true god….but I’ll watch the rest.

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Wow. Now some Islamic dude (I assume) is putting down women…..

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Yep. It’s a big old lovely mess of divisive bullshit. The situation is much messier than most of the media is reporting.

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A lot of hatred. a LOT. Now the Islamic dude is yelling at the MGAT kids and they turned and walked away…..

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Hispanics and negros got no business calling themselves a Roman Catholic…..What?

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It’s nice, isn’t it? I like your live commentary. lol

This is why I won’t go to protests and shit. No interest in this kind of crap. It’s just people looking for a fight. And unfortunately some of those people got into it with these kids (and some of them probably wanted to start shit too. I remember being a teen and wanting to piss people off sometimes).

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Now some one is calling someone “niggers…” but I don’t know who it is or who they’re talking to. I think it’s a black guy calling them out on something, but I don’t know what.

LOL! I’m just trying to keep it all straight, trying to see where the native Americans and the MAGT kid come in.

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OK, now the same black guy is calling the MAGT kids racist crackers “with they racist hats on…”

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Incest babies, LOL!

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Now a white guy is stripping down and it’s freaking cold. The crowd loves it! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON AND WHO IS TALKING TO WHO!!

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Ok, So I think the Muslims were clashing with everyone, and now Philips, the drum player, is walking between them, trying to calm everyone down…..

Now he’s just standing there, facing the white crowd, beating on his drum….Now the white kids are starting to jump up and down to the beat, being mocking.

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I saw the video of the white kid staring and smirking at the elderly Native American. It was a quite unpleasant display of hostility. It surely isn’t a coincidence that the brainless brat was wearing a Trump MAGA cap. He is apparently a student at Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky. I hope they wipe that evil smile from his face.

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Now Phillips is trying to walk through the crowd and everyone is falling back so he can, except the one kid, just planted himself in front of Phillips. Phillips didn’t walk up on him. He planted himself right in the way and Phillips didn’t back down. And then the kids surrounded him.
The rest is everything we’ve all seen. IMO, what the short clip showed is exactly what happened. Whatever came before was between the Islamic assholes and the MAGT assholes, and had nothing to do with that one specific asshole kid with the smirk who got up on Phillips.

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Yeah, it didn’t shed any new light on anything.

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I’ve had a very busy weekend & hadn’t heard about any of this!!! I started watching the video & most of it didn’t make sense to me. Maybe that extra 40 minutes showed something that this one just didn’t show. Actually, @Dutchess_III play by play made more sense than anything I just watched; so, maybe I should read @Dutchess_III comments & then go watch the video.

My Mom always said that there was “3” sides to every story. (1) Your side, (2) their side, & (3) the truth!!!

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Here’s an article with some more information (including some of what the longer video shows, namely that the Black Hebrew Israelites started the discord by yelling obscenities at the boys and that Philips, the Native American with the drum, approached the boys on his own accord):

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^ Yep, these fucking kids are disgusting. I’m not sure why there is supposed to be some kind of “both sides” or confusion here. Private school kids wearing the modern equivalent of a swastika attend a march to control womens’ bodies and end up facing down and mocking a native american man attempting to calm things.

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I’m not sympathizing with Trump supporters or the apparent mockery they engaged in, but the story as it was originally reported: “group of teens harass Native Americans” was not the full story. And the media jumped on it. When I first heard it, I pictured a group of MAGA-cap wearing teenagers surrounding Native Americans yelling racist things at them. That’s what the media made it sound like. Further investigation made it clear that was not the case.

It’s not okay to distort the truth just because you don’t like the people involved. “Well, they were wearing MAGA hats, so lie about them all you want”. That’s BS. Especially when it involves death threats and potentially destroyed futures.

To me, this was a real exercise in fake news. For example, the “smirking” teen. When I first saw the picture, I wanted to smack him too. The more I read about it, the more it became clear he was in a messy loud situation, and thought standing still was the best option. It’s taught me at least not to react so emotionally and get the facts first.

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They were making fun of their dance and customs and being disrespectful. How is that not harassment? Does harassment need to include vulgar language and physical contact?

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I hadn’t heard about this until last night and then saw the full video. The students were waiting on their bus. The native Americans approached them to harass them, apparently because one or more of the boys was wearing a MAGA hat. I saw one boy just standing there staring at the old NA man that was beating the drum and chanting. I saw some of the other boys chanting along…I’m sure they didn’t know the words. I heard others of the NA group yelling at the boys to go back to Europe where they came from. I saw a black Semite harassing the boys because they were Catholic and white. So let’s recap. The boys were minding their own business and were harassed by Native Americans and Black Semites. I saw that the media purposely didn’t report this event fairly, instead trying to create a story about how hateful Trump supporters are.

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The Native Americans were trying to deescalate the angry mob scene that the violent Black religious zealots had created. Phillips faced the white kids, then slowly started walking through the crowed. People parted…except for that one kid who stood there, blocking his path, smirking right in Phillip’s face. Then the rest of the kids surrounded him, making fun of his drum playing, doing the hatchet thing they do in Kansas City. The kid just stood there, smirking and taunting Phillips for no reason. The Native American’s didn’t do a thing to the kids. It was the black zealots who created the bad blood.

If the kid was going to face some one down he should have walked up to one of the zealots, but of course he didn’t. He showed how macho and tough he was against someone who was trying to be peaceful.

He is a pussy, and it had nothing to do with being a trump supporter. Is trump in jail yet???

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Even CNN is reporting the “other side” of the story now.

Phone won’t let me link to the article but it’s right on their home page.

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Thanks @Demosthenes. That’s exactly how I saw it, too. I’m not sure what “other side” you’re referring to.

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I’m referring to the now debunked narrative that the teens blocked Philips from leaving or that they approached others and harassed them, i.e. what the media initially reported that turned out to be untrue.

When more video evidence came out, the media had to change their story.

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That “new” video, which I saw yesterday, shows exactly the same thing as what I have been saying. Phillps was walking through the crowd, just trying to distract them from the Black Isrealite’s bullshit. The Isrealites got those boys fired up, testosterone and adrenaline was flowing. Everyone stepped aside to let Phillips through….until he got to that one kid, whatever the hell his name is. For absolutely NO REASON, except that he allowed the taunts of the Black Isrealites get to him, he planted himself in front of Phillips and refused to step aside. He was feeling the need to prove how macho he was and since he was too scared to confront the violent black Zealots who started all the shit, he confronted the first male outside of his tribe, who, of course, was trying to keep things peaceful. Phillips was no threat to so MAGA boy was safe, but his every body language and facial expression was meant to intimidate.

Not a single Native American said any derogatory to the boys. Phillips didn’t confront any one. The kid confronted HIM.

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