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What's your opinion on the "MAGA teens vs. Native Americans" incident in DC?

Asked by Demosthenes (7305points) January 20th, 2019

Another ugly episode in the ugly story that is contemporary America.

Part of the problem is that the incident is not being reported in full honesty. Essentially what happened is a group of Trump-supporting teenage boys from a Catholic high school in Kentucky were in DC for an anti-abortion rally. There were also Native Americans present for a separate indigenous rights rally.

At some point, the two groups clashed. The students did mock an older Native American man as he was praying, which is appalling. At the same time, it seems that the students were minding their own business when they were approached by others there (from the Native American rally) who insulted and berated them. A long video I watched of the incident does make it clear to me that the kids did not start the nastiness, but they certainly participated in it once it did start.

So a couple questions: is wearing a MAGA hat itself an act of aggression? Should the adults have behaved better? What have you heard about this incident in the media and what is your perception of both sides’ guilt in what happened?

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