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Would you want your country to acquire other countries?

Asked by JLeslie (61540points) January 20th, 2019 from iPhone

I’m half watching a 4 part documentary on Hitler. I was just watching the part where Austria basically agrees to let Germany take over. It’s all quite peaceful.

Hitler and Germany feel it’s a great success, and they seemingly get hungry for more land, and to gain control of more countries.

Would you want your country to expand? If so, what country are you in now, and what country do you want to take over?

For this Q it is not a hostile takeover, but there will be one government, one constitution, and tax law and set of social systems and other laws that are basically from one country that will be “in charge.” You have to pick which one, your country’s, or the other country for basic law and order. If it is a democracy, obviously both groups of people will have influence over policy over time, and become one citizenry.

The countries do not have to border each other.

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We can’t even run our own vast country successfully. I can’t imagine any benefit to anyone of us taking over another one!

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Actually I wanted the opposite. I wanted Alberta to be an independent country… that includes tide water with British Columbia. Also I would like Quebec to be an independent country. With the three Atlantic provinces to be independent as well

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In a perfect world, we would abandon borders and countries completely and just have local committees to administer public issues, connected to each other by computers.

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Australia and Madagascar, for the exciting, unusual wildlife.
It was on a coast of Madagascar that a fish was discovered to be still living and frequently eaten, but scientists had thought them extinct millionsvof years ago. Also, the baobab trees are not the only unusual plants growing on Madagascar.

Australia. What can I say? Koalas.

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Yes, I would like Scotland to take over England, which since the Brexit vote has become so muddled it no longer knows what it wants and could do with some strong and sensible leadership. I would also like the Scottish Empire to include some Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece where it is warmer and doesn’t rain quite so much.

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Of course.
Poland looks pretty ripe this time of year.

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I kind of wish we could have Mexico too, to stop all the immigration bullshit. Of course, then we’d be battling all of South America.

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No, we can’t take care of the one we have.

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You know @Dutchess_III the border between Mexico and the rest of Central America is less than 700 miles long. At only a third of the length of the one between Mexico and the US, what Trump should be doing is asking Mexico if it would be ok if we built, and paid for, a wall along THEIR southern border.

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But it also leaves much more access to other points of entry via the water.

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When I was watching the show I thought to myself I can’t even imagine wanting to take over other countries like that, even in a peaceful way.

Then I remembered when 9/11 happened, and I learned more about Afghanistan and how the women are treated, and I thought let’s go over there and occupy that country for the girls and women more than anything. Still, that isn’t even what I was talking about for this Q anyway, and I never really seriously thought we should occupy another country at that time in history, or now for that matter.

I kind of agree the US isn’t doing great right now handling what we have already, but the US is much better than many other countries. The problem is, if you merge with countries with worse economic situations, it’s more likely to be a burden than a bonanza.

America is so big we have lots of choice for climate and terrain. So, that’s already very nice. When I think of merging with another country it’s born from idealism, like we can help the other country, but then I feel like it gets tainted with ethnocentric ideas of feeling like our way is better, and then it sounds borderline Hitler to me. Yuck.

@rojo That’s an interesting point about the smaller border on Mexico’s southern border. Thing is, Mexico has people waiting out in the open to cross into the US, many of those people are in Mexico illegally, and Mexico doesn’t seem to be doing much about it as long as the person’s goal is America.

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(We took over a big chunk of Mexico, @JLeslie. It’s called Texas.)

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@Dutchess_III I’m talking about me, and I’m talking about now. If I had been in charge I don’t think there ever would have been a Louisiana purchase, or even if I came after that probably we wouldn’t “own” Alaska and Hawaii.

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In other words, if it had been up to you we wouldn’t even have a country. And you do know Alaska was a military move. Only about 30 miles separates Alaska from Russia, so it was an obvious necessity.
Hawaii was purchased as the first line of defense.

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^^Right, the country would not be what it is. That’s probably why I’m not in charge. I’m no good at geopolitical things. I’m more kumbaya. I like what @YARNLADY said about no borders, although I disagree with her a little about the small communities and computers.

Anyway, my point is, I didn’t ask the Q because I want to take over other countries, but I really like a lot of the answers, so I’m very happy with the thread. Jellies talking about neighboring countries that are behaving in ways that they are not pleased with, and other jellies talking about the beauty in other countries. I like the variety in answers a lot.

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It have become French, instead of English. We wouldn’t be here.

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It would be nice to see the entire world in some sort of global government. Sharing all land, and resources. Greed, and religion make this impossible, but it would benefit humanity greatly.

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