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Lurve wager for Obama VP pick?

Asked by kevbo (25667points) August 22nd, 2008

Care to play a game for Obama’s VP pick? Make your guess. The Rule: Loser(s) agree to give lurve to the winner(s) after the announcement.

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I, too am picking Joe Biden. Why the long wait?

Jake, get to work.

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Colon Powell

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The longer the wait, the more the press is focused on Obama.
It’s a political decision.

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edit :: and I owe someone (I forget who) a Fluther shirt if he picks Hillary. If he doesn’t they owe 20$ to charity.

edit 2 :: it is ezraglenn.

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2nd rule: No changes

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Colin Powell, with an “i”.

I say Biden.

He couldn’t pick Powell because Powell completely fucked himself when he showed some photos of grain storage buildings to the UN and claimed they were missile barns, at the bidding of the Bush crew – whom he hated but knuckled under to, thus betraying himself and all the rest of us as well.
And the American people, in their wisdom, would not be brave enough to vote for 2 black guys.

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I think (and hope) he’ll choose Biden. Biden’s strong foreign policy experience would definitely strengthen the ticket.

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It’s Biden!
CNN just released it on the wire! No official word from the Obama campaign yet, but CNN has said that they confirmed it.

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@lefteh: Are we going to have to hear about Biden’s gaffe again, or has Fox news forgotten it?

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We shouldn’t. If we did, it would be from the McCain campaign, and I cannot see them trying to instill party disunity between the running mates. Only between Obama people and Hillary people.

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Just switching back from CNN. What’s Larry King doing up at this hour?

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Dammit! CNN fucked up my game! Aaaaaahhhh!

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Is it too late to put in my wager for Biden? :D.

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Naw here’s some lurve for you, too.

lefteh: CNN mentioned Biden’s gaffe in the first 5 minutes. Sad.

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I saw that…. oh well. Hopefully it will not continue to be an issue.

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It will continue to be a (fake) issue, of course, that’s the way of the world; but see the David Brooks editorial in today’s NYTImes about this very thing. (Of course since I cannot do links you will have to go find it yourself. Sorry.) It’s very upbeat.

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I had completely forgotten about his ties to Pennsylvania. That will help.

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Come on. We all knew it was Biden when the question was asked. Anyone watching CNN would know that. Easiest lurve any of you made!

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He asked the question about a half-hour before the news broke.

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I realize he asked before it was officially announced. CNN and MSNBC had been alluding to Biden as VP for much of the day.

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I thought it might be Reed based on Wonkette.

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Biden…...and i wager 20 lurve. Yarrr.

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I wager 30 on Colin Powell.

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you don’t have the cubes.

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