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Do you think it's possible that one of Trump's enemies was behind him getting elected?

Asked by Dutchess_III (39101points) 3 weeks ago

And then started the wheels of justice flowing to get him put into prison, knowing it would trap him?

This is just a “What if” scenario.

I think that as a private citizen Trump could dodge and run and hide. As the president, in full public view, he has no where to turn. he’s trapped. And now he’s probably going to jail.

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WE can only hope.

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I doubt it. For that sort of scheme to work, a million little things would have to fall into place. Events would have to occur, Trump would have to say and do things – and whoever the planning person would have had to control all these things and all the permutations that would occur.

It’s theoretically possible, I suppose, but incredibly unlikely.

But if it were so – who would it be? It would have to be someone who has a horrible grudge against Trump and who has the money and planning capabilities to bring it off and could do so without raising any suspicion.

I just don’t see it.

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Wish I have Sherlock’s analytical skills.

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Oh, I totally agree with the last statement, @elbanditoroso. But make no mistake about it. Trump knows some very wealthy, powerful and influential people. No telling who he pissed off.

I just wonder because I believe that someone or something, or some country, was behind him getting elected.

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The Clinton campaign was trying to help Trump win the Republican primary because they thought he’d be easy to defeat in the general election. Clinton’s Pied Piper Strategy.

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In a sane, normal world he would have been.

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I don’t think it likely. Friend or enemy, nobody with a lick of sense, no matter how diabolical, would convince themselves of Trump’s electability.

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But elected he was….

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And dim as he is even HE
didn’t believe it.

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I was warning that Trump would win back in the summer before the election after it was revealed that the DNC cheated Bernie out of the primary. Everyone laughed at me.

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