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So what have you been up to?

Asked by ellespark (523points) January 22nd, 2019

Hey! I was a little jelly floating around Fluther years ago. Back then I was noelleptc and then redfeather. I’m unable to log back into my old account though :(

I haven’t been active since 2012 and was wondering how my Fluther friends were doing. I was sad to see Augustlan passed. She was wonderful and helped me a lot with some tough stuff.

So, wutcha been up to? Any big changes or moves? Did any of you get married? I want the scoop!

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I’m good, thanks.
Welcome back!

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So glad to hear it! And thank you!

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Hmm…I need to figure out your prior identity.

Sadly, @Adirondackwannabe (Bob) and @Espiritus_Corvus (Winston) both passed away, as well.

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I posted my old username up there so people might remember me :)

Aw that’s so sad! I didn’t know Espiritus_Corvus well, but me and Adirondackwannabe were friends. Bittersweet to be back here.

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^^^ Bob’s passing was a profound loss for everyone here.

On my first glance, I missed your prior monikers. Sorry about that. I always look for the @.

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I can imagine it was. He was a good guy.

No worries, my fault I should have added the @. I’m forgetting the rules of the road around here ;)

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To you, I guess I’m a newbie. Welcome back.

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Hi, I’m a newbie. Nice too meet you :)

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Welcome back!

You’re still in my fluther as redfeather. :-)

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Nice to meet you as well, @Mimishu1995 !

Awww! Hi @Brian1946 !!

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No good…mostly, although that may be a lie of sorts.

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About 6’ 240lbs.


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Adirondackwannabe died? Damn, when did that happen?

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@XOIIO Yeah, I definitely wasn’t expecting that. I believe someone said it was over a year ago.

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Hello! I remember you as red feather. You probably know that Gailcalled died also.
Lots of people have left, but we still march on.

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I didn’t know that, @chyna!! So sad

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Welcome back! It’s always wonderful to see returning jellies!

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I have memory issues, so I am embarrassed to ask this: Didn’t cak also pass? I remember she was dealing with cancer.

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Gailcalled as well?

Man this feels less like a revisit and more like a “hey guys, I’m still here”.

I hope I’m not the youngest jelly from way back. Man though, this was one of the first sites I frequented when I got my first real computer.

Hell there’s not much in my life that’s lasted 10 years. The caress of Dr J’s tentacles is the longest relationship I’ve had by far lol

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@filmfann: I do think @Cak died as well.

And, of course, Gary @whatthefluther

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@ellespark Hi! You might remember me as the wife of Blondesjon. I changed my username a couple years ago. It’s good to see you here again!

Fluther has also lost ibstubro and anartist to suicide. We lost everephebe a few years ago as well. :(

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@Aethelwine I totally remember you! You were one of the first nice people I met here. Glad to see you :)

Sorry to see we lost those jellies too :(

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Our friend Ibstubro also passed away, as did anartist : (

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^I just stated that two posts above yours.

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I’ve been playing a lot of music.

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