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Let's call Jay up to the mansion's first floor! Welcome Jay!

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21450points) January 22nd, 2019


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Well hey hey hey ! You can call me Jay.

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Always thoughtful, always clear, nice having you in the tidepool!

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Way to go, Jay!

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Hooray for Jay!

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Jay-walking into the mansion, legal though that’s just my valet parking.
I’ve no idea who you are but couldn’t resist that gag…congrats anyway :D

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Well done!

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Welcome to the mansion @Call me Jay! We’ve got a great room for you and the party is still in full swing. It’s about time you got here.

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Welcome to the mansion.

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Hi Jay! Good to see you in the mansion at last!

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Congrats and welcome to the mansion!

Feel free to visit the 2nd floor and party with your Doppelganger!

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Way to go Jay!

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10Kongratulations @Call_Me_Jay Good to have you around.

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Nicely done!!

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Hey Jay! A=1, B=2, C=3… therefore, Congrats on the J K!
I hope your critter problems were solved to your satisfaction.

I can rest assured the mansion is rodent free!

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Congo rats Jay! You’re a wonderful contributor, and deserve this!

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Congratulations, Jay! Very well deserved. :)

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Congratsssssss!!! :)

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Congrats on your ascension to the imaginary realm.

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