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How do I make a ham from scratch?

Asked by JLeslie (58772points) January 22nd, 2019 from iPhone

I have to admit I’m completely confused about this.

I was curious if I could make ham for much less money than store bought.

My husband and I like the low sodium Boar’s Head ham, but it’s quite expensive. I also like Honey Baked ham, another very expensive product.

I tried googling for recipes, but I don’t get it.

What cut of pork do I buy?

What’s your favorite recipe?

Will it be cheaper than just buying ham ready made?

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You get the ham off the butt. Ham shank.

I got my cooked spiral cut ham for .99 cents a lb this weekend, so I doubt you’ll find the ‘meat’ much cheaper. And it comes with the glaze package that I never use.

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My daughter made a crock pot bone in ham once. It was amaaaazing. It must have been the bone in part.

If it were me I’d use cherries and pineapple for a glaze.

Problem is, they are generally SO HUGE. Way more than a family of just 2 could eat in a week unless they had ham for every single meal.

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Wow @ragingloli I had no idea. Thanks.

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First, buy a piglet. Feed it with all your table and food prep scraps. When the pig gets full grown, have a mobile butcher slaughter it, cut it up and deliver it to you, wrapped. (Have a freezer big enough to store all of the meat, or have the butcher store it for you.) DELISH!
A simpler way is to go to your supermarket and buy a ham. They come smoked, cured and ready to eat.

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@KNOWITALL 99¢? What? Where?

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@JLeslie Local Harter House. Had to buy 20 worth of dry goods to get that .99. I made cheesy lasagna with no meat and him a bone in spiral ham. He is only 140lbs, have to keep him eating lol

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^^The ham is already cooked?

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Some ham is cooked, it will say “cured and cooked”.

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It must be a Jewish thing that I’m so clueless. Lol. We always ate ham, but my mom never made a ham.

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Ham is generally a cured meat. You can make it from scratch, but really..why would you? Taking a raw pig shank, creating a curing mixture of your liking…salt and sodium nitrate as a minimum, coating your meat and letting it sit for 7 days in the refrigerator or other cool area, rinsing it, wrapping it in cheese cloth and then hanging it it a cool dark area for a couple weeks….all seems like way too much work. Just buy a good cured ham…much easier. If you are looking for ham for sandwiches, I have found buying a pre-sliced ham chub is cheaper and better than buying sliced deli meat.

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