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Why is YouTube filtering search results?

Asked by hosa (150points) January 25th, 2019

For example if u search “anita sarkeesian” the video “5 reasons people like anita sarkeesian” doesnt show up, but if you search specifically this video it will show up. Try it yourself. I know youtube is probably doing that because it has a lot of dislikes. But I didnt know youtube warps my search results like that. They should be unbiased! this is outrageous for me! Moreover, I have this question on Quora, when I search this question in google “Why is YouTube filtering search results?” the Quora page DOESNT SHOW UP. WTF!

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Great question.

“5 reasons people hate Anita Sarkeesian” pops up right away with just her name search.

I’ve got 192 YouTube videos. When I search my name my videos are all mixed up. Number of views and dates have no correlation.

It’s like all the videos are all mixed up and the search computer selects them at random.

I never use Quora. I just searched for it on YouTube and it popped up.

Wish I could answer your question. YouTube functions in very mysterious ways for sure.

Do you know why only a small portion of my picture appears in my channel? Only the very top of my head is visible.

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ha ha no I don’t @gondwanalon

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YouTube is owned by Google and like Google’s search engine, it screens out things it doesn’t like. It is like censorship only not entirely…the answers are there if you can get specific enough. But it is more like propaganda.

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YouTube has been filtering hate group searches, so it may be doing so to dissuade hateful incel gamers that think it is manly to insult or troll a woman.

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So when I searched for “anita sarkeesian” the video 5 reasons why people hate anita sarkeesian was result 8. So I don’t think you can argue that they are not showing it at all.

Google’s search engine and by extension I’m assuming YouTube’s search uses a long and complicated approach to selecting and prioritising results to try and give you what it thinks is the most relevant result for any given term. If you’re looking for something specific but using a general term you’re going to get results you don’t want but other people clicked on a lot after using the term.

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@Lightlyseared I meant there is another video called “5 reasons why people LIKE anita sarkeesian” that doesnt show up at all.

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