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Can you name a food experiment you regretted trying?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41808points) January 26th, 2019

At Easter once I made some deviled eggs. I added red food coloring to the yolks thinking I could get orange deviled eggs.
It did not work. It look a sick cat crapped in the eggs and left streaks of blood in the ghastly orangish / yellowish poop.
Talk about fail!

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I once tried to make bread.
I made a rock.

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I can make bread. The closest I came to screwing it up is when I forgot to put yeast in it. I just told everyone it was Jewish bread.

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I tried making caramel-like substitute by using honey. I ended up with dried black char that stuck on the bottom of my pan. I was too late to realize that honey itself is already caramel-like! (I was trying to make caramel chicken and thought that honey will be much tastier, healthier, etc so I coat the chicken with honey instead while cooking).

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LOL! Uh oh!

I have baked beans in a cast iron pot. I put brown sugar in them. The beans were good, but the sugar burned on the cast iron. I literally had to chisel it away. Took me DAYS!

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Getting “Thai” food at an IHOP. ;-o(

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It was a mess but it wasn’t too difficult for me to clean after the mess. I used stainless steel pan so I simply submerge it in to water for one to two hour and use a good dish detergent and wire sponge to scrap off all those pesky char. I’m not afraid to damage the surface of my pan due to its material but I can imagine that cast iron must have delicate surface to forcefully clean it with wire sponge.

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No. I chiseled it away, @Unofficial_Member. Literally. with a chisel and a hammer. Cast iron is far from delicate! It’s indestructible.. You can literally set it right on the fire, like a camp fire.

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I put nutmeg on sliced potatoes. Was gross.

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I used provolone for grilled cheese. Really gross.

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@rockfan That’s funny! I like using provolone for grilled cheese, but then I’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like.

Speaking of grilled cheese. I heard about adding peanut butter so I tried this one night after having several beers. I didn’t mind it at the time but it really was kind of gross.

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Employed a Belgian dwarf as short order chef one time, fired the fucker due to little issues.

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I told my husband it was his turn to figure out dinner once and it was awful. Ramen noodles and chicken and this sauce with lots of apple cider vinegar. My daughter and I ate it and thanked him even though we were in pain eating it. Now we pick new recipes together to try.

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My ex had this weird dish he used to make. He claimed it was really good, but it wasn’t. It was really bland. He’d make rice and fry hamburger and dump the hamburger into an oven dish, cover the hamburger with the rice, then put raw canned biscuits on top and cook it for 15 minutes or so. I don’t think there were any seasonings on any of it!

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@ellespark @Dutchess_III

Your spousal units could be “chefs” @ IHOP! ;-)

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