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Would China not be justified in conducting a clandestine military operation to retrieve its unjustly detained Huawei CFO?

Asked by ragingloli (44254points) 1 month ago

I think they would be.

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Prevention is better than cure. I don’t think she’s unjustly detained in the first place. She’ll probably lose her position or be clarified as innocent, either way the case will be over. All for the sake of National Security, surely she and China should find it acceptable, it’s not like they have a choice anyway.

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I am not sure about your question, I just wish the states didn’t drag Canada into this, which they very much did.

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I don’t see how Huawei can be charged with breaking sanctions imposed on Iran when no one apart from the Trump administration has agreed to the sanctions. It seems unnecessarily provocative at a time when trade tensions are already running high but a clandestine military operation might be taking things too far, even if it were practicable, which I don’t think it is.

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@flutherother the sanctions have been in place for years and years (not by Trump) Huawei is an arm of the the Chinese government (espionage a specialty). USA government officials can’t own or use a Huawei smartphone, router and computer switch.
The charges go back to 2012, also they accused of stealing trade secrets of other tech companies.
The act of physically taking her back to China would be an act of WAR.

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The sanctions were stopped back in 2015 as part of an international accord with Iran. Trump pulled out of the accord unilaterally in November last year. The espionage issue might be more valid.

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The laws were broken in 2007.

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It would hardly be different from the Colonies flying their drones into Pakistan to assassinate Taliban.

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Okay so China is at war with USA in Canada (Taliban is at war with USA)

Nice logic; hope UK doessn’t send drones over EU and your neighborhood.

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The issue is the colonies violating Pakistan’s borders and territory to carry out extrajudicial killings.
Should you not consider that an “act of war” against Pakistan?

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Does Pakistan support Taliban ? ? if so then yes act of aggression.

If not then taking care of surgical removal of hostiles within Pakistani borders,

Oh I’m sorry are you a Taliban supporter ?

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Then you should be fine with China sending in commandos, as long as they do not engage actual Canadian forces.

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She is a high officer in a company that is under investigation.
How long have you be a Taliban supporter ? ?

I know; you are acting as an anarchist, against the status quo and formal government.

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“How long have you be a Taliban supporter ? ?”
Ever since you stopped beating your wife.

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Wrong again but you ,,,, never were all right !

Card carrier for the Taliban or just buy their Taliban cookies.

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