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Phone number verification?

Asked by SiSiSi (7points) January 29th, 2019

I just signed up for Facebook and it won’t let me verify my account until I tell them my cell number and they send me a verification text. Any way to avoid telling them?

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Verify through email instead.

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This is posted in the wrong category, just an FYI it should be in the social or general.
Another suggestion, if you don’t want to use email, is you can download a texting app “2nd line” or “Text now” works best for facebook verification. Make a number and enter that.

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And good for you for wanting to avoid linking your phone to Facebook.

Even better: avoid linking Facebook to you.

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Use your area code + 382–5633. Those numbers spell “f*ck off” on a telephone dialpad.

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@Love_my_doggie Yes,but then you won’t receive the verification codeif you need it.

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^^^ Yes, but think of all the fun I’d have, behaving with the maturity of a young child.

The truth is, this is the very reason why I’m not on Facebook or other social media – privacy intrusions. The world is already flooded with so much of our personal information, located and publicized without any action, I try to add more.

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Why do you want to “verify” your account? I’ve only seen that required when I tried to sign up as a Facebook Developer.

(At which point, I stopped wanting to be a Facebook Developer.)

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@Zaku Some sites offer two step verification as supposedly a guard against identity theft. I can’t remember if Facebook does. I think it does but it is likely still only an option.

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@janbb That’s what I thought. If so, then this question boils down to “how do I set up phone number verification without giving them my phone number?”.

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It occurs to me that FB may require verification for new accounts now since it is supposedly trying to weed out bots, false accounts. If that is so, I doubt there is a way around giving them your cellphone number if you want an account. It’s pretty much always been their bat and ball.

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