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Have you ever had a snake in your toilet?

Asked by LadyMarissa (10363points) January 29th, 2019

A woman in Brisbane, Australia, went to the bathroom & while sitting on the toilet felt something poke her butt & then felt a sharp pain. She immediately stood up to look & saw a snake curled up on the toilet . She pulled up her slacks & immediately left the area. She called a snake handler to remove the reptile. The handler said that she did one thing right…she did NOT flush the toilet which meant the doctors would know what type of snake had bitten her. I think my first instinct would be to flush so it wouldn’t be of any further threat!!! Two questions…(1) Have you ever found a snake in your toilet??? and (2) Would you be aware enough to hold back on flushing that sucker out of sight???

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I would slam the lid down. I would assume that flushing would do no good. It would most likely get hung up by the trap.

My sister was bitten by a water moccasin once.

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No, but on two separate occasions close together we did have a young Norway rat show up inside the toilet bowl. Apparently they came up through a break somewhere in the outgoing pipe lines. One of them had expired, but the other was still swimming. Toilet bowls are pretty hard to get out of, probably by design.

At any rate we did get the proper agencies involved very quickly. This was many years ago, and I’m still just a little cautious when I open the lid.

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I’ll bet @Jeruba!

When my son was about 12 he smuggled a guinea pig into the house. He had it in a big cage a I had built years back for another guinea pig, and he had the cage in a baby pool to protect the floor. (Good thinking.) He figured he could hide all of that from me in his room!
His sister narked on him. SMH. Anyway, he said he HAD to bring it home because the kid that had it was going to flush it down the toilet!

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No, and yes, I’d be too busy running. I have worried about it for awhile though, seems to happen too frequently for comfort imo.

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Snake in the kitchen sink, rats in the toilet. I lived with friends in a cabin in the foothills of the Cascades east of Seattle for awhile; it was pretty rustic and critters came in a lot. The snake just came in from outside, it was just a little harmless thing, but the rats were big country fellows and had to be removed and released.

If my butt were bitten by a snake in the toilet I would be unlikely to deal with it in a sensible manner.

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One of my primal fears actually!

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Snake in the basement. It was asleep. The next time I went down to the basement, it was gone.

My first instinct would be to flush the snake. Now I know better.

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IMHO…the ONLY good snake is a DEAD snake!!!

IF I ever found one in my toilet, I’d probably NEVER go to the bathroom again!!! One of my neighbors found a snake in theirs years ago. Since she told me about it, I’ve always checked first…except during the middle of the night.

We have a lot of copperhead snakes roaming this area & I know that you should catch the snake IF you can or try & get a pic of it to show the dr so they know what kind of anti-venom to administer. This lady in Australia was fortunate because hers wasn’t poisonous!!!

I do believe that I’d have to “fight” the urge to flush that sucker even though I know that I need him as evidence!!!

THANKS everyone for participating!!!

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No snake here, but centipedes come here now and again. They just looooove to learn to turn the toilet into their personal swimming pool. Fortunately they are always quite small so all I need is flushing the toilet.

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^ Centipedes don’t freak me out…snakes do!!! You can cut off a snake’s head & the body will move until sundown. I find that creepy!!! IF the centipede escapes the toilet, you can still step on it & squish it. Flush a snake & you just piss it off!!!

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The doctor apparently had no problem administering antivenom to my sister, based on her word that she thought it was a water moccasin.

My son loves, loves snakes. He used to have 2 boa constrictors. He has loved snakes since he was a little boy. He went to the neighbor’s house once, when he was about 7, and asked if he could find snakes in their back yard because he’d tapped out our snake supply. They said, “Sure, but you won’t find any snakes!”
He found, like, 8 little harmless snakes, ring necks and garter snakes. Neighbors wouldn’t let him come back again!

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